Can British citizen work in Qatar?

Expatriate workers are required to have a residence permit in order to live and work in Qatar. The permit is granted to expatriates who hold employment contracts in Qatar.

Do you need a work visa for Qatar from UK?

Nationals of United Kingdom do not require prior visa arrangements and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival in Qatar. … Qatar tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Kingdom for a stay up to 30 days.

Can British citizens live in Qatar?

If you’re looking to move to Qatar from the UK as a British citizen, you’ll need a business visa. … Before the visa can be granted, it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior and could take several weeks or longer to be accepted. You’ll also need to apply for an Exit Visa before you can leave the country.

Can I move to Qatar without a job?

You have the option of coming to Qatar on an Entry Visa and looking for work when you are there, or you can secure an offer of employment before you come out to the region. In this case you will need a work permit before applying for a Qatar Residence Permit.

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Do you need a work permit to work in Qatar?

For persons intending to work in Qatar, a permanent residency visa and a work permit is required to legally work in Qatar. The employer acts as the local sponsor for the employee and arranges the necessary appointments to obtain both the visa and permit.

How can I get job in Qatar?

Expats who want to work in Qatar require a work permit. To obtain a work permit, an employer in Qatar must sponsor you. You must obtain a work permit before applying for a Qatar Residence Permit, which makes it necessary to find a job before moving to Qatar.

Do UK citizens need a transit visa for Doha?

No, you do not need a visa for transiting in Doha at the Hamad International Airport. … You can also choose to include Doha in your travel plans as nationals of 80 countries can also enjoy visa-free entry into Qatar.

How many British are in Qatar?

In early 2017, Qatar’s total population was 2.6 million: 313,000 Qatari citizens and 2.3 million expatriates.


State of Qatar دولة قطر (Arabic) Dawlat Qaṭar
• Independence from the United Kingdom 3 September 1971
• Total 11,581 km2 (4,471 sq mi) (158th)
• Water (%) 0.8

How much is the salary in Qatar?

Average salaries in Qatar

Generally, the average Qatari household, comprising around eight or nine people, earns QAR72,700 per month. This is nearly three times what the average (Western) expat household, of four or five people, earned at QAR24,400 monthly.

Is working in Qatar a good idea?

There are plenty of opportunities to make and save money when living and working in Qatar. Most expats are drawn to the lucrative pay packages offered, and even though the cost of goods and services has gone up over the years, it is still possible to live comfortably.

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How can I get Qatar citizenship?

Any person who can demonstrate Qatari descent may apply to be a citizen of Qatar, depending on certain conditions. Any person born to a Qatari father irrespective of their place of birth are Qatari citizens by descent. Any person born to a Qatari mother but Foreigner father, will not be granted citizenship by descent.

Can foreigners work in Qatar?

All foreigners looking for work in Qatar must get a residency permit. However, you can only get this if an employer sponsors you. Generally, the company will get you a temporary visa to enter the country and then complete formalities once you are there. … They must be renewed each year by your employer, however.

Can I settle in Qatar?

Expats who visit Qatar for meetings or to set up a business can enter the country on a business visa. A Qatari company should organize this visa, which is valid for two weeks and may be extended for another two weeks. However, most expats do not travel to Qatar for short visits but in order to live and work there.

Is it easy to get a job in Qatar?

Despite all favorable factors, finding a job in Qatar is not an easy task, especially as an expat. However, nothing is impossible if you make up your mind. Consider finding a job as your full-time job and you will surely see success. However, it is best to draw a full-fledged strategy around your job search.

What documents do you need to work in Qatar?

Requirements to Obtain Qatar Work Visas

  • The employment contract.
  • A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour.
  • A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health.
  • A copy of the employee’s passport.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • Any relevant educational certificates.
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What is the age limit for working in Qatar?

Minimum and maximum age limit for work visa/permit by country guide

Country Minimum Age Maximum Age Limit
Qatar 21 50 maximum, very few people under 60 for work visa
Kuwait 21 60
Bahrain 21 60
Oman 21 60