Can I travel with mobile civil ID in Kuwait?

Mobile ID is an official digital document and accepted all places. You can travel and come back with that.

Can I travel with Mobile ID?

Citizens :-

No travel permitted out from the state of Kuwait except for citizens who are vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines by the state of Kuwait as mentioned below and appearance of green color in (immune/Kuwait mobile ID) application with the exception of the following categories: a.

Can I travel from Kuwait without civil ID?

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 6: Informed security sources revealed instructions were issued by the Ministry of Interior to allow expats who wish to leave the country to travel without using a civil ID, provided that their residency is valid, and that the Latin name in residence is matches to the name mentioned in their passport.

Can we travel without civil ID?

A welcome sign at the Kuwait airport welcoming people to Kuwait in English and Arabic language. The sources added that the airport security men have orders to allow holders of valid residency to travel with their passports only without the civil ID. …

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What is smart civil ID Kuwait?

Thanks to the enormous effort by Kuwait’s Public Authority for Civil Information, Kuwait’s Smart Civil ID includes all the Civil Information any system needs to operate at your fingertips. … Furthermore, this reduces data entry errors and streamlines the civil data across all systems.

How can I activate my mobile ID in Kuwait?

To enroll your Mobile ID in Kuwait Mobile ID app , do the following:

  1. Install Kuwait Mobile ID from the App Store for IOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices.
  2. Open the app and choose the first “Online Registration using Mobile”.
  3. Enter required personal data: …
  4. Confirm entered data.

How can I unlock my Kuwait Mobile ID PIN?

To unlock your “Mobile ID” PIN, do the following:

  1. 1- Uninstall the “Kuwait Mobile ID” app from your mobile.
  2. 2- Install the “Kuwait Mobile ID” app on your mobile again.
  3. 3- Register again in the “Kuwait Mobile ID” app to recover your “Mobile ID”.

Is Kuwait open for international flights?

Notably, the international flights will resume services while adhering to COVID guidelines issued by a ministerial committee of Kuwait.

When international flights will start from India to Kuwait?

In a recent travel update, Kuwait has announced that it will resume direct commercial flights with India from September 7, 2021 (today).

When Kuwait will open visa?

From 1 August 2021, fully vaccinated residency visa holders can enter Kuwait. Visit visas are not currently being issued.

How can I check my civil ID validity in Kuwait?

First Method: Call Telephone number 1889988 and follow the steps on the voice call.

How can I check my Kuwait Civil ID expiry date?

  1. To open the Official website Click the link here.
  2. Enter your Civil ID number shown as an Image.
  3. Click on Submit button and you’ll get your civil id expiry date.
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How can I get my Kuwait Civil ID online?


  1. You can perform this service over the phone or online:
  2. First: Over the Phone.
  3. Dial 889988.
  4. Choose (1) for Arabic and (2) for English.
  5. Choose the service number (1) from the voice list.
  6. Enter your civil ID number and wait till your request is processed.
  7. Second: Online.

How can I change my mobile number in civil ID Kuwait?

To be able to update your data in the Kuwait Mobile ID app , you should have previously submitted a new civil ID issuance request.

  1. When you open “Kuwait Mobile ID” app, you will get a popup message.
  2. Click “Renew My Mobile ID”.
  3. Enter your PIN and click “Continue”.
  4. You have successfully renewed your Mobile ID.