How do the Egyptians react when they see an answer to Ken’s question from the Oracle?

When the Egyptians see an answer to Ken’s question from the oracle, they react by getting into an argument with each other. Everyone starts accusing everyone else of writing an answer to Ken’s question, which asked whether he would be a big league star someday.

How do the Egyptians react when they see an answer to KENS question from the oracle?

How do the Egyptians react to the oracle’s answer? They believe one of the kids wrote the answer. They know one of the parents wrote the answer. April knows Dorothea wrote the answer.

What is Ken’s question to the oracle?

The Oracle Speaks

No procession to an altar is complete without reusing Halloween costumes, after all. When April gets to the altar and unrolls the piece of paper, though, she gets mad. Ken’s question—about whether he’ll be a big league star someday—is there, and someone has written a message back.

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Who tells the Egyptians about oracles?

One day in class, Toby, April, and Melanie learn about Oracles. This gives them the next ceremony to perform in The Egypt Game. By the time the six Egyptians return to the land of Egypt, Toby and April have very specific ideas about what will go into the Oracle ceremony.

What is the oracle in the Egypt game?

The Oracle of Thoth

In ancient Egypt, that was a person or group who was turned to for wise advice or even predictions about the future. They decide that they’re going to create an oracle for their game. They have to figure out how to leave messages for the oracle to respond.

How does Melanie get rid of April’s eyelashes?

How did Melanie get April’s false eyelashes? She brushed her hand against them when she walked by April’s dresser. Why was Melanie worried about the first day of school? She was afraid that her other friends wouldn’t like April and that it would be difficult to remain April’s friend when school started.

What happens in chapter 19 of the Egypt game?

April decides that she’ll conduct the ceremony this afternoon, and that she’ll pretend that the back of the note says something about Security going to visit his family for a few days. The kids figure that will give them some time to look for Security in the meantime and to return him to Marshall, if they’re lucky.

Who performs the ceremony of returning to the oracle for the answer?

Toby suggests that April be the high priestess that day and perform the Ceremony of Returning to the Oracle for the Answer. In order to set the mood, April retrieves the box of costumes and asks everyone to put on one item of their costume. April prepares herself for her part of the ceremony and begins.

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What does Marshall leave in Egypt?

After the kids return home, Marshall notices that he lost Security, his plush octopus. He believes he left it in “Egypt”, however, it is late and it’s raining, so they cannot return to the storage yard right then.

Why do April and Marshall go to Egypt at night?

It is much scarier going down the alley in the darkness of night, even though Marshall is carrying a flashlight. At the storage yard, April pushes aside the loose board in the fence, and she and Marshall enter Egypt to retrieve the math book.

What do oracles do?

An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions, most notably including precognition of the future, inspired by deities. As such, it is a form of divination.

Who are the 5 oracles?

The Five Oracles

  • Dodona.
  • Trophonius.
  • Erythaea.
  • Cumæ
  • Delphi.

What is a female oracle called?

In the temple, the resident female oracle, called a Pythia, was a role filled by a succession of women over the years, usually priestesses of high birth who lived a solitary life in the temple.

Where was security in Egypt game?

After returning home and getting ready for bed, he told Melanie that Security was gone. She tried to reassure her little brother but he was adamant that Security was out in the rain getting cold and wet. Melanie suggested to Marshall that maybe he had left Security at nursery school, which calmed him down.