How many companies are there in Egypt?

In 2019, the World Bank concluded that there were a total of 246 domestic companies listed within Egypt.

How many companies are in Egypt?

The data is categorized under Global Database’s Egypt – Table EG.

Related Indicators for Egypt Number of Listed Companies: EGX.

country/region Last
Egypt Number of Listed Companies: EGX: Banks (Unit) 14.00 Mar 2018

What are the biggest companies in Egypt?

Egypt’s top companies: the Power 34

  • Telecom Egypt (Region rank: 45): $3.6bn.
  • Commercial International Bank – CIB (Region rank: 50): $2.8bn.
  • TMG Holding (Region rank: 85): $1.3bn.
  • Eastern Tobacco (Region rank: 109): $724.9m.
  • Suez Cement (Region rank: 122): $585.3m.
  • ElSewedy Electric (Region rank: 123): $754.8m.

How many small businesses are there in Egypt?

According to the Census, there are 3.8 million micro enterprises and 67 600 small and micro enterprises in Egypt.

What brands are made in Egypt?

9 Egyptian Brands That Are Set to Go Global

  • 1) Azza Fahmy.
  • 2) Zooba.
  • 3) Okhtein.
  • 4) Up-fuse.
  • 5) Yasmine Yeya Couture.
  • 6) Mrs Keepa.
  • 7) Temraza.
  • 8) Norine Farah Couture.
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What is the percentage of public companies in Egypt?

Egypt – Market capitalization of listed companies in % of GDP. In 2020, market capitalization (% of GDP) for Egypt was 11.3 %.

What are the multinational companies in Egypt?


  • Decathlon Sports India. Cairo EG. Sports retailer. …
  • Mitsubishi Electric – ACS. cairo EG. وكيل ميتسوبيشى اليكتريك فى مصر
  • Digital Workshop. Al Haram EG. …
  • Tanmia Group. Cairo EG. …
  • araims. hurghada EG. …
  • Innovation Platform Solutions (IPS) Cairo EG. …
  • Kaian Trading. 6th October City EG. …
  • Mass Consultant. cairo EG.

What are the businesses in Egypt?

14 Egyptian Companies Gone Global

  • Food Sector: Mo’men Group.
  • Travel: Travco Group.
  • Banks and Financial Services Sector: Commercial International Bank.
  • Diversified: Mansour Group.
  • Fashion Industry: Azza Fahmy.
  • Fashion Industry: Okhtein.
  • Fashion Industry: Temraza.
  • Food Sector: Zooba.

How many plants are in Egypt?

Overall, Egyptian biodiversity comprises 143 types of globally important species, 800 species of non-flowering plants, 2,302 flowering plants, 111 species of mammals, 480 species of birds, 109 species of reptiles, 9 species of amphibians, and more than 1,000 species of fish.

What is the best company to work for in Egypt?

Astrazeneca, Lundbeck, Parkville Pharmaceuticals, MSD Animal Health, Johnson & Johnson and Teleperformance are recognized as the top 6 best places to work in Egypt for 2020 according to the annual prestigious “Best Places To Work” workplace research program.

What are the best companies to work for in Egypt?

CAIRO,, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BSH, Schneider Electric, Foodics and IACC Holdings are recognized as the top 4 best places to work in Egypt for 2021 according to the annual prestigious “Best Places to Work” certification program.

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What type of government does Egypt have?

SMEs are defined by Egyptian laws as the enterprises whose capital ranges from EGP 50,000 to EGP 1 million with a maximum of 50 employees. … The Egyptian government has adopted national policies to develop SMEs through marketing, issuing laws increasing financial and technical support presented to such enterprises.

What are the obstacles facing small business in Egypt?

The research has shown that the lack of financing options, the inconsistent legal changes, the administrative burdens, the poor physical infrastructure, the lack of specialization along with market dominance are the main obstacles facing youth and SMEs.

How does Egypt support entrepreneurship?

During these years, Egypt’s flourishing entrepreneurship scene has been receiving support from governmental entities and private institutions which aid entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential by offering fund opportunities and mentorship. …