Quick Answer: How much is entry to Kuwait Towers?

We asked about all what you need to know if you are planning a visit. As for the entrance ticket price, it’s KD 3 per person but the ticket for kids between 4 and 9 years is KD 1.5 and kids below that age can enter for free. The Viewing Sphere opens from 9 am till 11:30 in the evening.

How much does it cost to go to the Kuwait Towers?

It costs three Kuwaiti Dinars for each person to get in the Towers and if you go up at night it will be nice view but it will take you only 10 minutes to see the whole thing and then just leave.

Can you go inside the Kuwait Towers?

There are two main areas in the Kuwait Towers, the restaurant’s sphere and the viewing sphere. If you want to go to the viewing sphere it’s KD3 per person. If you want to go to the restaurants there is no entrance fee.

What can tourists do in Kuwait Towers?

The Kuwait Towers, with their distinctive blue-green ‘sequins’, are the instantly recognisable symbols of the nation. Designed by a Swedish architectural firm, they opened in 1979. The largest of the three rises to a height of 187m. Guests can visit a gift shop, viewing platform and an international buffet restaurant.

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How many floors are there in the Kuwait Towers?

Liberation Tower is currently the second-tallest completed tower in Kuwait, built in 1996 it rises 372 metres (1,220 ft).

Tallest completed buildings.

Name Al Tijaria Tower
Height (metres) 218 m (715 ft)
Floors 41
City Kuwait City
Use Office

Who built Kuwait Towers?

The Kuwait Water Towers are a prominent group of 31 water towers in Kuwait City, completed in 1976.

Is Kuwait in the desert?

Kuwait is largely a desert, except for Al-Jahrāʾ oasis, at the western end of Kuwait Bay, and a few fertile patches in the southeastern and coastal areas. Kuwaiti territory includes nine offshore islands, the largest of which are the uninhabited Būbiyān and Al-Warbah.

Why are the Kuwait Towers important?

Kuwait Towers are the most important landmark on the Gulf Road in Kuwait. They were designed by the Danish architect Malene Bjorn and inaugurated on February 26, 1977. … The project became a symbol for the city and the state of Kuwait with its huge spheres hung on pointed towers.

When was the Grand Mosque in Kuwait built?

To accommodate the large number of vehicles belonging to worshippers, the mosque also contains a 5-level car park underneath the eastern courtyard which can hold up to 550 cars. Construction on the mosque started in 1979, and the mosque was completed in 1986, first of Shawwaal in 1407, or Eid ul-Fitr.

How tall is Kuwait tower?

187 m
Кувейтские башни/Высота
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