Quick Answer: What lead the Prince of Morocco to choose the golden casket?

In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco chooses the gold casket because gold is the most valuable of the three substances on offer, and he equates this with Portia’s value. He says that gold is the natural setting for a precious jewel.

How will the Prince of Morocco know he has chosen the right casket?

Morocco would know if he had made the right choice if he chooses the casket that contains the portrait of Portia. His reward would be to win Portia’s hand in marriage.

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Which casket does Prince of Morocco choose and why?

Prince Morocco chooses the gold casket, and Act II, Scene VII is dedicated mostly to walking us through his reasons behind the choice. … For gold, the inscription reads, “Who chooseth me, shall gain what many men desire.” On the silver casket, it says, “Who chooseth me, shall get as much as he deserves.

Why doesn’t the Prince of Morocco choose the lead casket?

Answer: He rejected the lead casket because it was threatening him instead of giving him hope. He said that a noble mind like him will not risk or sacrifice anything for lead casket.

Why did the Prince of Morocco choose the gold casket Why did he reject the lead and the silver casket?

Prince of Morocco rejected the silver casket because he thinks that if he is judged by his own standards his merits ,his merits may be very high to win portia but yet to be ensured of what he deserves is a sign of weakness which will bring discredit on himself.

What does Morocco find when he unlocks the golden casket What does it indicate?

In the golden casket he finds “a carrion death”, that is, a skull, which reminds him of death. He has been too bold in his reasoning, and risked too much. Morocco judges from outside appearances.

Who chooses the gold casket in Merchant of Venice?

63). Bassanio wins Portia by rejecting ‘gaudy gold’ and choosing the ‘meagre lead’ casket (3.2.

Which casket does the Prince of Morocco choose what reasoning led him to that choice what reasoning led him to not choose either of the other two?

He also rejects the gold casket because “what many men desire” may place him on the same level with “the barbarous multitudes.” He thus chooses the silver casket, which bears the inscription, “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.” Arragon reviews his worth and decides that he “will assume desert” — that is …

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What is in the casket that Morocco chooses?

Answer : The Prince chose the golden casket. It contained a skull in whose eye there was a scroll which read that all that glitters is not gold. He had chosen unwisely and now had to bear its consequences.

What do the choice of caskets made by the Prince of Morocco and the Prince of Arragon show about their fitness to marry Portia explain?

She deserves a person who is willing to risk everything they have and selflessly cares about others. The prince of Arragon is selfish and conceited, which is reflected in his choice of casket. His personality and decision makes him unfit to marry Portia.

What was Prince of Morocco’s approach towards the choice of casket How does he apply logic to draw the final conclusion?

The Prince of Morocco approaches the gold casket. He begins to consider the inscription which promises to give what many men desire. He argues that many men desire Portia. His logic is convincing in the present context.

What does Portia tell the prince of Morocco after he chooses the wrong casket?

He cannot tell anyone which casket he chose. Moreover, he would be bound by an oath not to ask any other woman’s hand in marriage. … Answer : Portia’s hand in marriage could only be won if the suitor chose the right casket.

What is inside the lead casket in Merchant of Venice?

Finally, the lead chest, which is made of a very humble metal, seems to symbolize inner beauty and modesty (the exact opposite of the shiny gold casket) and contains a picture of Portia. The inscription is also significant: “Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath” (2.7.

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What does the lead casket say in Merchant of Venice?

It represents Portia herself, who may one day grow old and plain, but who is beautiful and valuable on the inside. The inscription on the lead casket also says “Who chooses me must give and hazard all he hath,” which is the same in marriage.