What messaging apps work in Saudi Arabia?

A partial lifting of the ban came into effect on 20 September, and users in Saudi Arabia are now able to make calls using apps such as Line, Snapchat, FaceTime, Skype, Telegram and Tango. However, other apps including Viber and WhatsApp remain blocked, users and local media reported.

Does messenger work in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia, which had already blocked features of most chat apps, has moved to block Facebook Messenger. The app’s video and voice chat functions, along with similar service imo, now can’t be used in the country because of “regulations”.

What is the most used app in Saudi Arabia?

The Top 12 Most Frequently Used Apps In Saudi Have Been Revealed By Lovin Saudi Readers

  • Google Maps. According to SimilarWeb, Google Maps is actually the second most used iPhone app in Saudi Arabia with a high ranking of 9. …
  • Hunger Station. …
  • WhatsApp. …
  • 4 & 5. …
  • Twitter. …
  • Fortnite. …
  • Instagram. …
  • Snapchat.

Does Viber work in Saudi Arabia?

On June 5, Saudi Arabia completely banned the popular web-based communication app, Viber. Viber allows users to make calls, send text messages and share images and video files for free. … Our software allows users to overcome Internet restrictions in censored countries like Saudi Arabia.

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Does WhatsApp work in Saudi Arabia?

“WhatsApp banned in Saudi Arabia”

Does telegram work in Saudi?

Telegram is a cloud-based VoIP and instant messenger service built as open-source software. … In September 2017, the ban on Telegram, Skype, and several other apps was lifted, but with a catch. Saudi citizens can use the app for online calls, but the government will both monitor and censor those calls as it sees fit.

Is Instagram allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia currently has a total population of 35.08 million. Of that population, 27.08 million or 79.25% are active social media users. … According to reports from Hoot Suite and We are Social, Saudis are the largest group of active users on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in the region.

Does Google duo work in Saudi Arabia?


Google duo video calling is now working in Saudi Arabia, since the day it was launched (16th August 2016), Its unique ‘knock knock’ feature will allow a live video of caller before the receiver receive the call.

Can I download Tik Tok for free?

TikTok is a free social application for creating, editing, and sharing videos. While ByteDance developed it for the Chinese market on Android and iOS in 2016, it steadily gained popularity worldwide. You can also use the software on PC by downloading the file and installing it on a mobile emulator.

Can I use Skype in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia opens itself to Skype, WhatsApp and other internet calling services. Lifting a longtime ban, Saudi Arabia will open up the country to online calling services. Apps like Skype and WhatsApp will become functional in the country on Wednesday at midnight local time.

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Is Botim allowed in Saudi Arabia?

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on WhatsApp calls. … Currently, all free calling options like WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, vibe, snapchat are blocked in the UAE. Residents now use an alternative paid service called BOTIM, provided by local telecom companies.

What sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia?

According to a study carried out in 2004 by the Open Net Initiative “the most aggressive censorship focused on pornography, drug use, gambling, religious conversion of Muslims, and filtering circumvention tools.” Additionally, Saudi Arabia blocks websites affiliated with Iran, with Hezbollah, with groups in Yemen, …

Does FaceTime work in Saudi Arabia?

Over Wi-Fi, FaceTime requires a broadband connection. … FaceTime isn’t available or might not appear on devices purchased in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates, including Dubai. However, with iOS 11.3 or later, FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in Saudi Arabia.

Why WhatsApp call not allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has suspended Whatsapp’s voice and video call services as the app fails to meet its regulatory requirements, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported, citing Abdulaziz Al-Ruwais, governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC).

Is Facebook allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has blocked Facebook’s Messenger service in the country to reportedly protect the revenues of traditional telecom companies. … Internet calling over WhatsApp and Viber were already blocked in Saudi Arabia but similar apps including Tango and Line are still available in the country.