What Rhythm Is A Night in Tunisia?

Adding a bebop-style rhythm to the melody, Gillespie came up with “Night in Tunisia.” When played, this “mixture introduced a special kind of syncopation in the bass line,” a jazz pioneering step away from the traditional regular 4-beat bass.

What style of jazz is A Night in Tunisia?

A Night in Tunisia

“A Night in Tunisia”
Instrumental by Dizzy Gillespie & His Sextet
Recorded 1944
Genre Jazz, bebop
Composer(s) Dizzy Gillespie Frank Paparelli (credited)

What tempo is A Night in Tunisia?

A Night In Tunisia is a song by Dizzy Gillespie with a tempo of 147 BPM. It can also be used half-time at 74 BPM or double-time at 294 BPM.

What form is A Night in Tunisia?

Note: A Night in Tunisia can be done a number of different ways. The tune is an AABA form with an interlude. It is most common to do the A section in a latin feel, with the last two bars of the A section in a swing feel. The bridge is swung, the interlude is swung, and the solo sections are generally swung.

What key is Night in Tunisia in?

The band had recorded in March of that year when they laid down The Big Beat, and they regrouped in Rudy Van Gelder’s Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey studio on two days in August that yielded two more hard bop masterpieces: A Night In Tunisia and Like Someone In Love.

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Why is it called Night in Tunisia?

It was Sarah Vaughan who introduced “Interlude” as it was called before being renamed “Night in Tunisia.” With Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie as sidemen, Vaughan made that first recording on December 31, 1944, for the Continental label.

AKA Interlude
Rank 40
Music Dizzy Gillespie Frank Paparelli
Lyrics Jon Hendricks

When was A Night in Tunisia made?

“Night in Tunisia” (1942) by Dizzy Gillespie was first recorded in 1944 under the title “Interlude”. It may have been written while Gillespie was playing with the Benny Carter Band; Gillespie said he composed it on the piano at Kelly’s Stables, a jazz club on 52nd Street in Manhattan.

Who sang Night in Tunisia?

Personnel: Charlie Parker, alto saxophone; Miles Davis, trumpet; Lucky Thompson, tenor saxophone; Arv Garrison, guitar; Dodo Marmorosa, piano; Vic McMillan, bass; Roy Porter, drums.

What style is miles Run the Voodoo Down?

Discographic Information

Instrument tp
Key F-maj
Signature 4/4
Groove/Feel FUNK