Your question: How do I renew my domestic helper contract in Qatar?

Via the Smart Renewal Service portal, employers and domestic helpers can submit documents needed for renewal of contract and also apply for extension of stay for FDHs, inquire on application status, submit supplementary document(s) and submit notification of premature termination of an employment contract.

How do I make an appointment to renew my Qatar contract?

Polo Doha Booking Procedures

  1. Select RESOURCE – select Contract Verification.
  2. Select SERVICES- select (drop down)Company/Skilled Worker or Household Worker (HSW)
  3. Choose DATE you want to book. Scroll Right the arrow to proceed to next day/month. Greenmeans NOT FULL, Red means SLOT FULL.
  4. Click SUBMIT.

How much does it cost to renew a domestic helper contract?

1 copy of the employer’s IC. 1 original and 1 copy of the helper’s current passport. 2 passport size photographs. A $38 renewal fee in cash.

How can I check my Labour contract online in Qatar?

The employees can access their contract at in both Arabic and English. You can switch between Arabic and English using the button on top of the webpage.

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How do I write a letter requesting to renew my contract?

Dear manager, I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the possibility of renewing my contract. My contract lasts for two years (More/less) and that is coming to an end. I would like to renew it as I love working with this company and I like the people here and very much enjoy the work that I do.

How can I get OEC here in Qatar?

How to Get an OEC for Qatar OFWs

  1. Go to the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing Website.
  2. If you’re new to the website, you need to create a new user account. …
  3. Go to your e-mail so you can verify your new account. …
  4. You can now login by going back to the website’s home screen. …
  5. You will be directed to a Personal Data page.

How can I check my Qatar contract?

In the website, click on Services then Appointment Online Booking. Then fillout the electronic application form. Choose “Contract Verification” under Resource, “Contract Verification” under Services. Then write your full name, Phone, Email and QID (optional).

How do I renew my domestic helper visa?

Existing contract and visa extension

You will need these documents to apply: ID 988A form completed and signed by the domestic helper; a supporting letter signed by the employer stating the reason(s) for extending the period of employment; the domestic helper’s passport (send a copy if applying by post);

What is renewal contract?

Contract renewal: an existing contract ends—by, for example, expiring—and the parties agree to enter into a new contract (usually for the same or very similar services).

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How do I view my labor contract online?

How to check your labour contract online in the UAE

  1. Head over to the MOHRE or Tasheel website.
  2. Below the page, you will see a ‘Labour Card Information’ option.
  3. Select the option to go to the next page.
  4. Enter your details such as labour card number, person code, date of birth and nationality.

How can I upload my contract in Qatar?

Step-by-step guide: digital authentication of employment contracts

  1. Login using the smart card.
  2. Fill in the contract information.
  3. Print out the contract and sign it.
  4. Upload the signed contract and additional required documents.
  5. Pay the authentication fees after getting the Ministry’s approval.

How can I upload Labour contract in Qatar?

Click on “Upload Attachments” to add employment contract after it is signed by both parties, namely worker and authorized signatory of the establishment. Select contract to be uploaded after copying or scanning it. Make sure the file is uploaded, then click on “Save Changes”.

How do I ask for a contract renewal?

How to Talk With Your Manager About Extending Your Contract

  1. Schedule a meeting. Ask your manager if you can schedule a meeting, and let them know why: “I’d like to talk to you about possibly extending my contract.” …
  2. Emphasize what you’ve gained. …
  3. Talk about what you can offer the team if you stay.

What is the difference between contract renewal and extension?

By definition, a lease renewal is a new lease agreement, whereas a lease extension is a continuation of the original lease agreement. Generally speaking, the practical effect of either is that the parties to the lease continue the landlord-tenant relationship beyond the expiration of the original term of the lease.

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How do you write an email to renew a contract?

As you are aware, the [name of agreement] between [company name] and [company name] has been in effect since [date]. We would like to renew the agreement for another [time period] to [date]. Please contact me to confirm the renewal. Thank you.