Can you bring alcohol to Bahrain?

The following goods may be imported into Bahrain by travellers over 18 years of age without incurring customs duty: 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250g of tobacco in opened packets. 1L of alcoholic beverages and six cans of beer (non-Muslim passengers only).

What is forbidden in Bahrain?

According to the Bahrain Customs Handbook, the following items cannot be imported into Bahrain: All types of narcotic drugs (heroin, cocaine, hashish, pills having drugs effects etc.) Used and reconditioned tires. Cultured pearls.

What can you take into Bahrain?

Customs regulations prohibit the following items from being imported into Bahrain: All types of narcotic drugs (marijuana and CBD oil, heroin, cocaine, hashish, pills having drug effects, etc.) Used and reconditioned tires. Cultured pearls.

Can you drink in Bahrain Airport?

Alcohol is available in some outlets including Bahrain Airport, however airline staff deal with passengers who appear intoxicated very strictly and do not allow them to fly at all. … Bahrain and many other Gulf States have very strict laws and customs.

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Is Bahrain a duty free country?

Under the U.S.-Bahrain FTA, bilateral trade in industrial and consumer products, with the exception of some agricultural items, may be conducted duty free. … Bahrain is party to the GCC Unified Customs Union agreement.

Can you kiss in Bahrain?

The Bahraini man is being tried separately. Light display of affection, such as holding hands and accolades, is allowed in liberal Bahrain, but kissing in public is outlawed and is considered indecent behaviour.

Is kissing allowed in Bahrain?

Holding hands for married couples is tolerated but kissing and hugging are considered offences against public decency. Open displays of affection are generally not tolerated.

Can I take pork into Bahrain?

Pork is not prohibited in Bahrain, nor is it controlled at customs entry points any more so than any other meat.

What can I not send to Bahrain?

Bahrain Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • Animal products which are used for traditional medicine such as Hide and Skins, Ivory, Rhinoceros Horns, Bones of Sharks particularly from the Far East.
  • Antiques.
  • Any items offensive to Muslim culture.
  • Bunker oil sample (for analysis)
  • Communications equipment.
  • Electronic equipment.

Is Bahrain on the red list?

In response to recommendations made by the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Civil Aviation Affairs has added the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Bahrain’s Red List countries.

Is dating allowed in Bahrain?

Outside of marriage, sexual relationships and cohabiting, including in hotels, is illegal, and becoming pregnant may result in imprisonment.

Can you smoke in Bahrain Airport?

Smoking areas are available in the east and west parts of the building on Level 00 of the Arrivals Hall. You can also find designated smoking areas on Level 02 of the Departures Hall in the central commercial area, between Gates 14 and 15, and between Gates 18 and 19.

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Is there free WiFi at Bahrain Airport?

Public Wifi

Bahrain International Airport provides its passengers with WiFi connectivity throughout its premises, with no registration required! Just search for ‘Bahrain Airport’ on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer and sign in.

How much cash can I bring into Bahrain?

Local currency (Bahrain Dinar-BHD) and foreign currencies: no restrictions . Passengers arriving/departing Bahrain can be requested by the Customs or Security Authorities to disclose the value of any local or foreign currencies, gold or other negotiable instruments that are in their possession.

How much cash can I carry from Bahrain to Philippines?

Exceeding amounts require an authorization from the Central Bank of the Philippines. Foreign currencies : up to USD 10,000. -, or its equivalent. Amounts exceeding USD 10,000.

How much is the custom charges in Bahrain?

The general rate of customs duty is 5% of the value in cost, insurance, and freight (CIF), except for alcoholic beverages, which is 225%, and cigarettes, which is 200%. Certain categories of goods, such as paper and aluminium products, are subject to a 20% duty rate.