How can I check my employment contract in Saudi Arabia?

How can I check my Labour contract in Saudi Arabia?

Visit the electronic Services website and log in and select the facility, then select (Approval of Employment Contract for Labor Service). List of contracts that is not approved yet will be displayed, select the desired contract by clicking on it.

How can I check my Labour contract online?

How to check your labour contract online in the UAE

  1. Head over to the MOHRE or Tasheel website.
  2. Below the page, you will see a ‘Labour Card Information’ option.
  3. Select the option to go to the next page.
  4. Enter your details such as labour card number, person code, date of birth and nationality.

How do I check my GOSI contract online?

In order to print the GOSI salary certificate online, log in to your GOSI account by entering the Iqama number and password. The GOSI system will open the home page of your account where you can see some important details such as; Full Name.

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Can I request to see my contract of employment?

You have a right to get a written statement from your employer the day you start work. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work each week. The statement should describe the main terms of the contract of employment.

What is Article 77 Saudi labor law?

In case of unfair or unlawful termination of the contract, both the employee and the employer are entitled to some compensation which is explained in Article 77 of Saudi Labor Law.

How do I check my contract on QIWA?

Click on the “Individual Account“. Scroll down and click on “Employee Transfer“. On the next page, click on the “View Contract“. Read the employment contract in detail before accepting it in Qiwa.

How do I download my Labour contract online?

Via eNetwasal

  1. Head on to the eNetwasal website.
  2. Below the page, you will see a ‘Labour Card Information’ option.
  3. Enter your labour card number and other credentials after clicking on the link.
  4. View your labour card and print a copy.

How do I check my Labour complaint status?

Here is how you can check the MOHRE complaint status:

  1. Visit the MOHRE Services section.
  2. Visit the official portal.
  3. Add your Complaint Reference Number.
  4. Click Submit.

How do I find my company’s MOL ID?

Check work permit status and other MOL employment information online. Visit the MOL website at Navigate from Home > Services > Enquiry Services > choose from drop-down menu. Enter information requested and click Search (or Submit if the button label gets changed).

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What is GOSI authenticate contract?

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) launched a new portal called the Employment Contracts Authentication. The portal allows employers to upload employment contracts and authenticate them through the GOSI portal. … Employees are able to review their contract and ensure compliance.

What is GOSI contract in Saudi?

GOSI is a government establishment that offers services for a varied section of people, including employees, employers, retired personnel, medical providers, and more. These services are applicable under the Social Insurance Law of Saudi Arabia.

How do I cancel my GOSI contract?

Login to the GOSI online. Enter the unsubscribe transaction from the inbox mail. Select the status of the approval: (I declare that the registration period is incorrect, the request is incorrect, or the period registered in the system is correct). Click (Save).

Is my employment contract confidential?

To recap, there is a term of confidentiality implied into every contract of employment. This means that an employee is under an obligation not to disclose their employer’s confidential information to an unauthorized third party. … This can be complemented by a confidentiality policy in the employee handbook.

What if my employer doesn’t give me a contract?

Your employer doesn’t have to issue you with a written employment contract. However, if your employment is likely to last a month or more, they must let you a statement of terms and particulars. You should get that within 2 months of your employment starting.

Does an employment contract have to be signed?

A contract of employment does not need to be signed for it to be a binding agreement between the parties as acceptance of its terms can be either verbal or implied through conduct. That is if an employee works in accordance with the terms of the contract without protest you can presume that they are accepted.

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