How do I use my Qatar Airways credit?

How does Qatar voucher work?

The voucher value will be deducted from the total price of your ticket. In the future, you will be able to also redeem your voucher against any fees charged when making changes to existing bookings.

How long are Qatar vouchers valid for?

The validity of the travel voucher is one year from the date of issuance. You may split the value of the travel voucher to purchase multiple tickets for the same passenger. Valid for any of Qatar Airways’ fares only purchased either directly from Qatar Airways or through travel agents.

How can I use EMD voucher in Qatar?

You may coordinate our contact center or the nearest local Qatar Airways office in your location in order to book your new ticket using your travel voucher. Please bear in mind that this voucher is good for 1 year from the date of issue only.

Can Qatar voucher be refunded?

The price of your original ticket can be refunded only to the original form of payment.

How do I use my travel voucher?

Go to and choose your flights. On the payment page, choose ‘Other forms of payment. ‘ Enter the Travel Voucher number and PIN.

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Is Qatar Airways giving full refund?

For fully unutilized ticket the amount paid will be fully refunded including tax(es) after deducting the cancellation charges (if any) as per fare rules provided the fare is refundable. For fares which permits refund after departure.

What does refundable as voucher mean?

A voucher allows the airline to keep the money, then provide the service at a later date. A refund, meanwhile, loses the money with no guarantee of ever getting it back.

Is Qatar Airways voucher transferable?

Travel voucher

The voucher is non–refundable and non-transferable and is valid for further transportation on Qatar Airways marketed flights only and/or Qatar Airways ancillary services.

What is EMD voucher?

In the e-mail, look for your voucher number. It’s referred to as EMD and starts with 074. During payment, you can use up to 2 vouchers as a payment method. When paying with a voucher, you will not have to pay a booking fee. You can use the voucher to purchase a new ticket or extra options.

What is an EMD receipt?

An Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is an electronic non-flight document that may be issued and used for the collection and settlement of optional services offered by an airline.

What is Qatar EMD?

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is a method to document the sale and track usage of charges (e.g., residual value, miscellaneous or excess baggage charges) and is the sole solution for all fees collected outside a ticket.

Can I exchange a travel voucher for cash?

Unless airlines change course, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to trade in your voucher for cash, says Matthew Ma of travel-deal website The Flight Deal: “In general, once you get a voucher, it is difficult to get cash from it.”

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How long does it take for Qatar Airways voucher refund?

How Long Does a Qatar Airways Refund Take? The processing will typically last seven business days if you bought your tickets with a credit card. If you paid with cash, cheque, or another form of payment, you can expect Qatar Airways to take up to 20 business days to issue the refund.