How much does iPhone 12 cost in Egypt?

How much does an iPhone cost in Egypt?

iPhone 8 Vs iPhone 7 – Choose the best iPhone in Egypt

Apple iPhone 6s 6,499 EGP
Apple iPhone XR 15,749 EGP
Apple iPhone XS 17,499 EGP
iphone 11 17,300 EGP

How much does the iPhone 12 mini cost in Egypt?

Apple iPhone 12 mini Cairo Price

The Apple iPhone 12 mini will be available for EGP 12600 when it’s here.

Is iPhone 12 in Egypt?

Description for Apple iPhone 12

The best price for the iPhone 12 With Facetime 256GB in Egypt is EGP 22259 sold at noon and available with free shipping and delivery within Delivery time depends on the product. Product is also sold at noon for a price up to EGP 22359.

How much is an iPhone 11 in Egypt?

Price comparison & Seller Stores:

Store Price
iphone11.jpg B.Tech 13,720 EGP
12,688 EGP
13,160 EGP
iphone11.jpg Sharaf DG 15,149 EGP

How much is the iPhone 11 Pro in Egypt?

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro will be available for EGP 18000 . It will show up on the market around September 20, 2019 with all the other new iPhones.

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Is there an iPhone 13 coming out?

iPhone 13 release date and price

The iPhone 13 series was announced on September 14 at the company’s annual launch event, with pre-orders opening on September 17. The iPhone 13 release date was September 24, and unlike with 2020’s iPhone 12 series it was possible to buy all the new handsets on the same day.

How much does iPhone 11 Pro Max cost in Egypt?

Just like last year, the starting price of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is EGP 19800 .

How much does the iPhone 12 cost in 2021?

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 officially launched on Friday, October 23, 2020. Following a price cut after the iPhone 13 launch in Sepember 2021, the iPhone 12 is priced starting at $699 for 64GB of storage, with 128 and 256GB options available for an extra fee.

Is iPhone 12 waterproof?

Apple’s iPhone 12 is water-resistant, so it should be totally fine if you accidentally drop it in the pool or it gets splashed with liquid. The iPhone 12’s IP68 rating means it can survive up to 19.6 feet (six meters) of water for 30 minutes.

How Much Is iPhone 12 Pro in the Philippines?

Price List by Country for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Country International Price Price in PHP
Philippines PHP 59,990.00 ₱ 59,990.00
Singapore SGD 912.58 ₱ 34,612.00
Thailand THB 31,685 ₱ 48,774.00
Vietnam VND 26.150.000 ₱ 58,852.00

Will there be an iPhone 13 mini?

As phones have grown larger over the years, Apple took the opposite approach by launching another small iPhone in 2021. The $699 (£679, AU$1,199) iPhone 13 Mini is the cheapest device in Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup, and it comes with a 5.4-inch screen just like last year’s iPhone 12 Mini.

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