Question: How can I check my criminal record in Oman?

How can I get police clearance in Oman?

a. Apply in person

  1. Applicant must apply in-person at the Director of Criminal Investigations. …
  2. Applicant has to write an application for the request, attach required documents and submit it to the respective official along with the advised fees.
  3. This application after acceptance will be processed internally.

How can I get police clearance in Oman from India?


  1. Authorization Letter.
  2. Old Passport copy.
  3. Visa page copy.
  4. New Passport copy.
  5. 5 Passport Size photographs with white background.
  6. Purpose of applying.

How can I get police clearance in Oman from Australia?

Documents required:

  1. completed Certificate application form.
  2. two passport size photographs.
  3. copy of your current and old passport.
  4. copy of Omani resident permits (all held) (non-citizens)
  5. work reference from your former sponsor confirming previous employment status (non-citizens)
  6. full set of authenticated fingerprints.

How do I contact the Royal Oman Police?

Here are the phone contact details of the Royal Oman Police: In an emergency, dial: 9999. For criminal investigation services, dial: 80077444. To report an extortion, dial: 80077444.

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What is no conviction certificate?

Declaration in the prescribed proforma, stating that the licensee has not been convicted for the violations of provisions of D& C Act, 1940 and Rules 1945. Copy of earlier issued Non-conviction Certificate, if any.

How long it takes to get a police clearance certificate?

How long does it take before the Clearance Certificate is issued? The average time is approximately 14 working days from the day that the complete application is received at the Criminal Record Centre until the Clearance Certificate is issued.

Can Expats join Oman Police?

This certificate is issued to the Omani citizen and resident foreign nationals presently or previously residing in the Sultanate for the following purposes: … Employment outside Oman. Emigration to other countries. Employment in the private sector.

What is civil number in Oman?

Description. The electronic identification card and resident card are an ID card featuring the holder’s photograph and a microchip that contains the user’s biometric data. Every citizen and resident holding an id card has his/her own unique civil number that identifies and protects his/her rights.

How can I get Oman citizenship?

A foreigner may be granted citizenship if he or she fulfills the following: Lived in Oman for 20 years. If married to an Omani woman the foreign man has to stay in Oman for 15 year provided that he has a child with the Omani wife and the marriage was solemnized with permission from the Omani ministry.

What is PCC and why it is required?

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to Indian Passport holders in case they have appped for Residential Status, Employment or Long term visa or for immigration. PCC cannot be issued for persons going abroad on Tourist Visa.

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Is there an Oman Embassy in Canada?

Consulate of Oman in Montreal.

What is overseas penal clearance certificate?

You need an overseas penal clearance certificate if: you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years, and. the total time you spent overseas adds up to 12 months or more, and. the total time you spent in one country adds up to 90 days or more.

What’s the emergency number in Oman?

The number 112 can be called from a mobile phone but all calls are directed to 9999 if the caller is from Oman. The number 112 is an international emergency number that even works in the event of low network coverage.

How do I report a scammer in Oman?

Toll free number within the Sultanate of Oman: 80078822. For international calls: 0096824767576 – (international charges are applicable) Email: whistleblower[a]

Is ROP open in Oman?

ROP Working Hours :

Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to14:00 hours. Police stations and posts : round-the-clock. Traffic Services Seeb : round-the-clock. Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 02:00 hours.