Question: How can I renew my Saudi Council?

How can I renew my Saudi Council membership?

How to Renew SCE Membership

  1. Click on “Renew Membership” button which you can find at the lower bottom of the page.
  2. Select the “Number of Years”
  3. Get the “SADAD payment number”
  4. Pay the bill through ATM or Internet Banking (SCE Biller Code: 123)

Can I renew my Saudi Council without CME?

Are you looking cme hours for saudi council renewal? In order to renew your Saudi Council you need to get enough cme hours.

How much is the renewal of Saudi Council?

Registration Fee: SR 500. Membership fee: SR 200/year for technicians and SR 250/year for engineers. Renewal Fee: SR 200/year for technicians and SR 250/year for engineers.

How can I renew my 2020 Council in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to renew Saudi Council card give below:

  1. 1:Create mumaris plus account:
  2. 2:Update your personal details:
  3. 3:Go for professional Re-registration pathway :
  4. 4:Choose following sections about CPD hours and gap in practice.
  5. 5:Choose following sections previous practice history.
  6. 6:Complete your profile now.
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How can I check my Saudi Council renewal status?

Following are the steps:

  1. Visit following link:
  2. Choose iqama number, and enter it.
  3. Enter verification code. …
  4. It will show you the saudi council card expiry date along with practitioner details like profession, registration number etc.

When I can renew my SCE membership?

It is worth mentioning that Iqama renewal is possible;

  1. 3 months before the Iqama expiry date.
  2. While your SCE membership is valid.

How do I get a SCE card?

Here are the requirements for registration with the Saudi Council of Engineers.

  1. Photograph.
  2. Iqama scanned copy.
  3. Passport scanned Copy.
  4. Saudi Council of Engineers authorization letter.
  5. Letter of Introduction duly attested by the chamber of commerce.
  6. Degree or Diploma duly attested by the Saudi Embassy.

How do I get my SCE certificate?

Certificate and card could be collected from SCE offices or request for a courier delivery through the personal account at SCE e-portal upon payment of 50.00 SR against courier service charge, payable through SADAD. Expected normal delivery period is 7-10 working days.

How much CME do I need per year?

Under California law, physicians and surgeons must complete at least 50 hours of approved CME during each biennial renewal cycle.

How do I get CME credits online?

The Karnataka Medical Council offers online CME courses for Medical, Nursing, Dental, and Ayurvedic professionals through its portal

How can I pay my Saudi Council renewal in sadad?

This post guide you on how to pay SADAD Online for Saudi Commission for health specialities using Al rajhi Bank.

  1. Login to your Alrajhi bank online account-
  2. You will see the dashboard then choose payments.
  3. click on SADAD.
  4. Choose SADAD bills.
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How do I check my SCE membership?

How to check SCE Membership validity

  1. Go go SCE Website – Click Home – EServices – Accredition – Enquiry on Engineer Membership.
  2. Then , Enter your Iqama number and enter captcha, before pressing Enter button.
  3. The Following Below Membership Details will be shown on the screen. Name xxxx (Your Full name) Membership No.

How do I pay my SCE online?

For paying SCE fee through NVB or Alahli bank follow this procedure. Login to your internet Banking Account.

On a new tab now select these settings for paying SCB sadad bill.

  1. Select Biller group = govt. Agencies.
  2. Biller 123 Saudi council of engineers.
  3. Subscriber number : Sadad bill number.
  4. Select SCE as a short name.