Where is Egypt Sherrod now?

Where is Egypt Sherrod?

Egypt Sherrod, 45, is a real estate broker and the CEO of her own company Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s one of the hosts on Married To Real Estate on HGTV alongside her husband.

What happened to Egypt from HGTV?

Egypt Sherrod and HGTV have parted ways with “Flipping Virgins” after three seasons. She was both host and an executive producer for the series, which was shot in metro Atlanta. … “It was a fun and empowering show.” She has another project forthcoming, but she said she can’t talk about just yet.

Did Egypt Sherrod get married?

Sherrod married Mike Jackson, a DJ who goes by Fadelf, on September 11, 2010. Sherrod and Jackson have two daughters together: Kendall (born in January 2012) and Harper (born February 2019). Jackson has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Is Egypt Sherrod still on TV?

She will be joined by her husband Mike Jackson.

How much does Egypt Sherrod make?

Egypt Sherrod net worth: Egypt Sherrod is an American television and radio personality who has a net worth of $6 million dollars. Egypt Sherrod was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University with a degree in Broadcasting and Telecommunications.

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Who is Egypts husband?

DJ Mike Jackson
m. 2010
Эджипт Шеррод/Муж
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