Which profession is reserved for Saudi Arabia?

The following is the list of employment reserved for Saudi Nationals: Executive HR Manager. Human Resource Manager. Labor Affairs Manager.

Which profession is only for Saudi Arabia?

List of Iqama professions reserved for Saudis

  • Cashier.
  • Complaint Clerk or Claims Clerk.
  • Booking Clerk.
  • Customs clearance clerk.
  • Director of personnel relations.
  • Director of labor Affairs.
  • Reservation Agent.
  • Tourist Program Designer.

Which profession is best in Saudi Arabia?

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Banking & Finance. People working in banking and finance are getting a heavy salary in Saudi Arabia. …
  • Civil Engineers. …
  • IT professionals. …
  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineers. …
  • HR Managers/Directors.

Which profession can apply for visit visa in Saudi Arabia?

There are only a handful of professions eligible for family visa in Saudi Arabia.

  • Land Hostess.
  • Lawyer / Advocate.
  • Lecturer.
  • Legal Expert.
  • Legal Researcher.
  • Literator.
  • Male or Female Nurse.
  • Marine Navigator.
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Which profession Iqama will not be renewed 2021?

– Human Resource managers, personnel section heads, heads of labor and worker affairs, heads of personnel affairs, specialists, clerks in personnel affairs, clerks in receptions, hotels, hospitals, government relations and grievance departments.

Can I change my profession in Saudi Arabia?

According to the latest news in 2021, the change of Iqama profession is open. However, there could be several reasons for the rejection of the request such as; The change in the Iqama profession is banned by MOL for some time. The membership with the SOCPA, SCE, or Mumaris plus has expired.

Can we change house driver profession in Saudi Arabia?

Question 4: House driver profession can be changed or not? Answer by Steve: No, it cannot be changed.

What is good salary in Saudi?

The salary range for people working in Saudi Arabia is typically from 4,688.00 SAR (minimum salary) to 19,525.00 SAR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Which engineers are in demand in Saudi Arabia?

Saudis need more education before being put to face to actual challenges of being engineers. “Al-Faisal University also offers five undergraduate engineering programs, including architectural, electrical, industrial, mechanical and software engineering, which are highly demanded in the Saudi market,” he added.

What is the minimum salary in Saudi Arabia?

The minimum wage in Saudi Arabia

In 2014, the government mandated that private sector companies that hire Saudi nationals must pay them a minimum of SAR 5,300; while expats must be paid at least SAR 2,500.

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What is the minimum salary to get family visa in Saudi?

Saudi Arabia issues the family visa to people with a salary of 5,000 riyals (approx. Rs 86,000) per month.

Can I bring my sister to Saudi Arabia on visit visa?

Any Saudi expat who is living in Saudi Arabia (KSA) with a residential visa (Saudi Iqama) can apply for a Saudi family visit visa, if they would like to call their family members to stay with them for a specific time span includes mother/ father/ wife/ children/ sisters/ mother-in-law and father-in-law.

How is the life in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia. Regardless of their racial origins, the people of Saudi Arabia have two common characteristics: they speak Arabic and are of the Moslem faith. They are intensely proud people and have a deep respect for personal dignity and country, whilst their customs of generous hospitality are well known.

How much is iqama in Saudi?

The monthly work permit fee in Saudi Arabia is SR 800. This can be paid for a minimum of three months. Maktab Amal fee for 3 months: SR 2,400. Maktab Amal fee for 6 months: SR 4,800.

How can I check my iqama profession?

In order to check Iqama profession through SNB or Al Ahli bank online;

  1. Download the Application through PlayStore or iTunes.
  2. Log in to your internet banking account.
  3. Go to the menu and select the “Settings” option.
  4. Click on “ID Expiry Update“.
  5. You can check your Iqama Mehna written against “Occupation“.

How many years is the validity of iqama?

– Few people may get both iqama cards, Five years validity card and a new card, Those people have to keep in mind that only the new one is valid and the old one is already expired even though it has 5 years validity, As the authorities will now check your “card number (نسخه)”.