You asked: How can I report Saudi police?

How do I file a police complaint in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to complete the service

  1. Access the portal of the Ministry of the Interior (Abshar).
  2. Access the Public Security Services.
  3. Select the cybercrime report.
  4. Select the report,Fill in the required columns.
  5. After submitting the report, a reference number will be assigned to the report.

How do I report someone in Saudi Arabia?

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint?

  1. Report the crime at the nearest police station.
  2. The Police station shall forward the crime report to the Saudi Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution (BIPP) to investigate the crime.
  3. The BIPP shall investigate the identity of the suspect in cooperation with other authorities.

How do I contact the Saudi police?

Local first responders in Saudi Arabia can be reached at:

  1. Police, Fire, traffic police, Security Patrols and Emergencies: 999, 911.
  2. Ambulance: 997.
  3. Domestic Violence Hotline: 1919.

How can I check police complaint status in Saudi Arabia?

You can check if a police case is registered under your Iqama in Saudi Arabia through Absher; Log in to your Absher account Scroll down and click on the “Generalization Report Query“. Click on the “Proceed” button.

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How do I complain to the ministry?

Grievances Redressal System in MOLE

online through the CPGRAMS Portal ( and also in offline or physical mode from various sources. The grievances are reviewed in the Ministry at highest level of Secretary (L&E) on regular basis.

How do I complain to jawazat?

Selected Office

  1. Postal Code : 11291.
  2. P.O.Box : 12341.
  3. Phone : 920002729.
  4. Fax : 00966114829802.
  5. E-mail –
  6. Working Hours : 07:30 AM – 02:30 PM.

What is the punishment for crime in Saudi Arabia?

Criminal law punishments in Saudi Arabia include public beheading, stoning, amputation and lashing. Serious criminal offences include not only internationally recognized crimes such as murder, rape, theft and robbery, but also apostasy, adultery, witchcraft and sorcery.

What sites are blocked in Saudi Arabia?

According to a study carried out in 2004 by the Open Net Initiative “the most aggressive censorship focused on pornography, drug use, gambling, religious conversion of Muslims, and filtering circumvention tools.” Additionally, Saudi Arabia blocks websites affiliated with Iran, with Hezbollah, with groups in Yemen, …

Do Saudi police speak English?

The police in Saudi Arabia are very well trained and yes, most do speak English.

What’s the police number in Saudi Arabia?

Embassy of India Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Police 999
Fire Department 998
Traffic Police(Traffic accidents with injury) 993
Ambulance/Medical Emergencies 997

How do I contact Najm?

If it’s not safe to get out of your car — keep your seatbelt fastened, turn on your hazard lights, then call Najm (920000560) if there is no injured party and at least one of the parties who are involved in the accident has an active insurance policy, otherwise call traffic police 993 and wait for help to arrive.

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How do I file a case in Ministry of Justice?

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  1. Access the Ministry of Justice portal (Najez).
  2. Select e-services.
  3. Select Electronic Lawsuit.
  4. Fill in the electronic lawsuit details and respected parties.
  5. Submit the electronic lawsuit.
  6. You will receive a notification of electronic lawsuit submittal and its reference number.

What is generalization report in KSA?


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry Of Interior launched a new service in Absher called “Generalization Report Query”, which will help the expatriates living in the Kingdom to track their criminal activity report online.

How can I check my Iqama violation?

Steps to complete the service

  1. Access the portal of the Ministry of Interior (Absher).
  2. Enter your national identification number or resident permit (Iqama) number and the CAPTCHA code.
  3. ) …
  4. Select (Inquire About Traffic Violations).
  5. Enter your the ID number and CAPTCHA code.