Your question: How do I get an Egyptian SIM card?

How do I get a SIM card in Egypt?

You can get your Egypt sim card almost anywhere from the airport to phone shops. Just make sure you bring your passport. And make sure that you inform their prices and packages. It depends on how long you will be in Egypt and how much data you will need.

Which Sim is best in Egypt?

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Egypt, I recommend going with Vodafone or Orange (formerly Mobinil). Vodafone is the best but the most expensive. Orange is the fastest and cheaper than Vodafone.

What SIM card can I use in Egypt?

Traveltomtom recommends using a Vodafone sim card for Egypt. They have the best mobile internet network coverage in Egypt.

How do I get a SIM card in Cairo?

Where to buy a prepaid sim card at Cairo International Airport. The 3 main mobile internet operators in Egypt are: Vodafone, Orange and Etisalat. All of them have stores at Cairo Airport. However, be aware that they are located at the luggage belts and not in the arrival hall like usually.

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What is the best mobile network in Egypt?

Vodafone reclaims the 4G Availability award, and wins our first 4G Coverage Experience award. Egyptian users across all four networks saw notable improvements in 4G Availability. The highest increase of 15.1% was observed on WE, followed by 10.2% on Etisalat, with both the operators surpassing the 70% mark.

Is eSIM available in Egypt?

The Egypt eSIM only allows you to use mobile data. … The Egypt eSIM uses Vodafone and Orange, one of the best eSIM providers in the country.

What mobile network works in Egypt?

Egypt has three main telecommunications providers – Orange, Vodafone and Etisalat – and you can visit one of their kiosks or stores to get a SIM card. Here, they may ask for a passport and confirmation of address, then you will be able to get your mobile connected.

How much does it cost to buy a Vodafone SIM?

Order online at Vodafone and get a New Prepaid 4G Sim at Rs. 399. Users will get the various benefits like 1.5 GB Free Data per day and Unlimited calling.

How do I activate my Vodafone SIM in Egypt?

Activate your new SIM online

  1. Log on to My Vodafone.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘My Device & SIM’ section on your homepage.
  3. Click on ‘My SIM’
  4. Next select ‘Activate your new SIM’
  5. Your new SIM card number should already populated.
  6. Check that the SIM card number is correct, press ‘Activate’ and that’s it!

How much is mobile data in Egypt?

One gigabyte for mobile internet in Egypt cost on average 1.04 U.S. dollars in 2021. The country ranked 55 in a list of 230 countries worldwide, from the cheapest to the most expensive for mobile data. Out of 40 plans measured in Egypt, the lowest price observed was 0.02 U.S. dollars per 1GB, for a 30 days plan.

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How can I use my phone in Egypt?

To avoid roaming charges, it’s probably best to to buy a local SIM card in Egypt. Local SIM cards can be used on most unlocked phones from Europe, Asia and Australia and some unlocked phones from North America, but because Egypt’s mobile phones run on a GSM network, a lot of cellphones from the US may not work.

Can you use Whatsapp in Egypt?

Re: Can I use Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger in Egypt? Yes you can send messages via both apps and you can call using Facebook. Wattsapp Calling is 50/50 some report being able while others can’t. You can use a private VPN if needed, but messages will be fine over WiFi.

Can I buy a SIM card in Cairo airport?

You can purchase a sim card either at the airport terminals, or within the city center. On purchase the shop keeper will help insert the card, set your language to English and ensure it is operational before you leave the shop. You may also opt for mobile roaming which can be a little expensive.

How do I activate my Orange SIM card in Egypt?

Postpaid customers can call customer service number 110 to request to activate the service and receive the service configuration messages. Prepaid customers may call 400 to activate the service and receive the service configuration messages.

Is there a SIM card that works all over the world?

International SIM cards (sometimes called “travel SIM cards”) aren’t tied to a specific country or group of nations, but allow you to use your phone all around the world — for a price. There are several of these cards on the market, each with different plans and pricing.

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