Does LYFT work in Egypt?

Lyft doesn’t, However Uber’s competition is Careem, another app operating in middle east. Careem is also widely available in Egypt however they have less cars than Uber, additionally, Careem is known for having security breaches and I personally don’t prefer to place my CC in the app, cash is available in Careem.

Does Uber work in Egypt?

Yes, there is Uber in Egypt and this ended up being my go-to option for getting around Cairo.

Does Cairo Egypt have Uber?

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Cairo. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

Does Uber go to Cairo airport?

Uber is available at Cairo Airport, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go.

Can I pay cash for Uber in Egypt?

Top questions from riders:

Uber Cash can be used to pay for rides in Egypt.

How much does an Uber driver make in Egypt?

Average Uber Driver (Independent Contractor) yearly pay in Cairo is approximately $31,480, which is 16% below the national average.

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Does Luxor Egypt have Uber?

Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber do not operate in Luxor. A public ferry, which departs from a pier near the Temple of Luxor and drops passengers off by the West Bank’s Al Qarna Road, travels daily across the Nile River to bring travelers between the East and West Banks.

Are taxis safe in Egypt?

Are Taxis Safe In Cairo? Taxis in Cairo are safe, however, you may be expected to negotiate with the driver on the fare and you might be charged the more expensive ‘tourist tariff’. To avoid those inconveniences book your ride through an app – Uber and Careem are the two services alternative to the local taxis.

Is there Uber eats in Egypt?

After two years of partnering with local restaurants to offer convenient, reliable food delivery, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Uber Eats in Egypt, as of May 18.

Does Cairo have a subway?

Cairo Metro in Egypt is operated by Egyptian National Railways (ENR) and transported up to 3.5 million passengers per day in 2019. … Cairo Metro is the first metro network in Africa and has been operational since 1990. The network consists of three lines, and a further three lines are planned.

How much is a taxi in Egypt?

“The country with the cheapest taxi fare is Egypt – a cost of just 0.84 euro, for a 5km taxi fare. In fact, the base fee for a taxi fare in Egypt is as low as 0.24 euro,” Travel Daily added. “Egypt is followed closely by India (1.29 euros), Thailand (1.41 euros) and Indonesia (1.68 euros) in Southeast Asia.”

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How do you get around in Egypt?

Getting around Egypt means covering substantial distances from one tourist center to the next. Though there is reliable bus service between most places and excellent train service to a few, the best way to get around is by air. EgyptAir has a virtual monopoly on internal flights.

How much is Uber from Cairo airport to pyramids?


The travel time is around 50-60 minutes by Uber. And the Uber fare from Cairo airport to pyramids is 120-150 EGP which is $8-12 USD. The prices and travel time aren’t fixed and it will depending on traffic and your final destination and it’s usually cheaper than a regular taxi.

Is there WiFi in Cairo airport?

Cairo airport provides WiFi services in its Terminal without any charge to passengers.

How much is taxi from Cairo Airport to downtown?

How much is the taxi fare to and from Cairo? A taxi from Cairo Airport to the city centre will cost around 150 EGP, taxi drivers should use the meter. If not you can bargain.