How can I clear my absconding case in Kuwait?

Your employer has to remove the absconding case against you. Its very easy and a 1 minute job for the employer. He has to log into his account and remove your absconding online. Without removing absconding, you cannot transfer your visa.

Can absconding be removed?

Under the new rules, the labour ministry and immigration authorities will immediately cancel residence visas of the absconders and deport them within three months from the date of release by their employers.

How long does abscond last?

An absconding ban is usually for up to 12 months and the person will be unable to enter the UAE or obtain employment in the country during this period. Absconding bans are not permanent, although someone who receives more than one could find that they end up with a permanent ban.

How can remove absconding case in Kuwait?

You can remove the absconding case against you from the shuoon before 90 days have elapsed – either by the employer himself removing the absconding charge, or the employee can submit a request to a committee to remove the absconding case after proving that he/she was not absconding.

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What legal action can be taken for absconding?

A company expects the employee to serve his full notice period, assuming he might have some responsibilities which need handover. If there is a non-compliance to such an expectation the company can claim damages and compensation from the employee. The company has a right to penalize the absconding employee.

How do you clear abscond?

Service Procedures

  1. Printing the “Withdraw an Absconding Report” application and signing the application from the applicant.
  2. Submitting the application to the Labour Relations Section, and booking an appointment with the Legal Researcher so both parties would discuss it.

How do you handle absconding cases?

What to do in Absconded Cases?

  1. Contact the absconder telephonically and by sending an email.
  2. If there is no response, then communicate by sending an official (registered or courier) letter on the last known address of the employee.

What happens after absconding?

You can’t join them back ever in future. If you have left the organization without informing your Reporting Manager or HR then the case will be registered as ‘Abscond’ in the HR record. However, they can’t force you to join the organization. In fact after this, even no organization will show interest to take you back.

What happens in absconding case?

The term absconding literally means ‘to secretly run away from a situation to avoid custody or arrest’. In the working of the companies, it means leaving the company unprofessionally without giving a valid reason. In such cases, the company can take strict legal action against such employees.

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How do you stop an absconding employee?

Most of the companies follow a procedure where they send at least two letters whereby they intimate the employee that he is absconding and his services can be terminated if he doesnt report within a specific date. the employee is also contacted through telephone by HR and line managers.

What will happen if you have absconding case in Kuwait?

Your employer will not be able to accuse of absconding if you have filed a case first. The punishment for absconding in Kuwait is deportation. It is not looked into by a judge – you will be deported unfortunately.

How do you check if there is a case against you Kuwait?

Here are the procedures to perform to check if you have a travel ban in Kuwait:

  1. Visit the Kuwait government’s online portal (here).
  2. Input your VALID Civil ID number in the blank field provided.
  3. You will then receive a verification message (usually in Arabic), but if you can’t read Arabic – do not worry.

How do you know if you have absconding case?

According to the UAE Labour Law, a worker is said to have “absconded” if he/she does not report for work for more than a week (7 days) without a valid reason. In other words, the employee appears to have gone AWOL (absent without leave).

How can I get relieving letter after absconding?

In order to receive any letter the candidate must have to contact the HR Representative for the same. Few organizations may provide if the candidate is willing to pay for the notice period or 1 month salary or Basic salary of the candidate or depending on their organization policies.

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Is absconding a charge?

A charge of absconding can present immediate and long-term consequences. If you abscond during a trial, you might have to serve time in jail until the trial concludes. If you are on parole, you could lose the ability for an early release on good behavior.

What does the law say about absconding?

It can therefore be said that absconding means that one does not have the intention to return to work. In circumstances where the employer does not know whether the employee will return to work or not, the employer will have to establish this before the employee can be dismissed.