How can I go to Qatar from Nigeria?

Citizens of Nigeria can visit Qatar by obtaining an e-visa. The e-visa allows Nigerians to stay in Qatar for a duration of 30 days. Nigerian tourists can extend their stay for another 30 days by applying to the immigration department in Qatar.

How much does it cost to travel to Qatar from Nigeria?

The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Qatar is to fly which costs $550 – $1,300 and takes 7h 3m.

How can I get Qatar visa from Nigeria?


  1. Download the visa application form, by visiting the Qatar embassy website.
  2. Print out the hard copy, carefully fill in your details. ( …
  3. Submit the duly completed visa application form signed by you to the Qatar embassy.
  4. Attach the following required documents:

How much is Qatar visa fee?

The cost of the Qatar Tourist Visa is QAR 100. Tourist Visa holders are allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 30 days on a single trip. To submit a request for a Qatar Tourist Visa, visitors are required to: complete an online form.

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How much is Qatar visa in Nigeria 2021?

The price of the Qatar Visa is ₦15,064 ($41,84).

Is it easy to get job in Qatar?

Despite all favorable factors, finding a job in Qatar is not an easy task, especially as an expat. However, nothing is impossible if you make up your mind. Consider finding a job as your full-time job and you will surely see success. However, it is best to draw a full-fledged strategy around your job search.

Is Qatar Open for Nigeria?

With the new destinations in Nigeria added to its network, Qatar will operate 188 weekly flights to 28 destinations in Africa.

Can a Nigerian work in Qatar?

Qatar Work Visa

The work visas are granted to persons who want to work in Qatar. Like the student visa, the applicants for the work visa must already have secured a job in the country before being eligible to apply. Applicant’s employer would need to apply for a NOC Certificate.

When Qatar visa will open?

Qatar Visa On Arrival: Now Open (Full Guide – January 2022) In August 2017, the State of Qatar made a landmark announcement that it will allow visa-free entry for citizens of more than 80 countries, with immediate effect, making it the most open country in the Middle East.

How long can I stay in Qatar without a visa?

Nationals from the following countries can visit Qatar without a visa and stay for up to 30 days, although the waiver may be extended for a further 30 days: Andorra, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Georgia, …

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How many days will take for Qatar visa?

Other than the visa you get on arrival, all Qatar visas take 7-10 days processing time after the submission of the fees. The time period or validity of stay for different visa holders is as follows: Short tourist visa- 2 weeks. Longer tourist visa- 3 months.

Does Qatar have embassy in Nigeria?

The embassy of Qatar in Abuja is located at Transcorp Hilton, No 1 aguiyi ironsi and can be contacted by telephone on 909 426 4010 as well as by email and The consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.

How can I apply in Qatar?

Steps to Apply Qatar Visa Online

  1. Duly fill the online application form on the official website for Qatar Visa.
  2. After that being done, the form must be downloaded and printed. …
  3. Next, the applicant needs to personally sign the Qatar Visa Application Form.

How can I apply for Qatar visa online?

Steps to apply Qatar e visa

  1. Fill Qatar Visa Application. Choose your living and citizenship country. Choose your visa type. Fill visa application form. …
  2. Pay Visa Fee. Select payment mode. Pay desired visa fees. Receive payment confirmation mail. …
  3. Get e Visa. Track your application and know the real-time status of your application.