How can I marry my Egyptian boyfriend?

If you Egyptian bf is a Muslim, you have to be either a Muslim (or a Muslim revert) or a christian or a Jew for this marriage to happen, you have to have one of these three religions only. If you are a Buddist, Hindus. Etc. Marriage won’t happen until you convert and get a proof of that.

What documents do I need to marry an Egyptian?

Egyptian I.D. (Egyptian passport or the National ID) and two photocopies of it if one of the parties is Egyptian. Five personal photos for each party. Two male witnesses with identification documents (passport or I.D. card) must be present to sign the marriage documents.

Can I stay with my Egyptian boyfriend?

gingerqueen, there are no laws against anybody living with a partner in Egypt, as long as they live in their own apartment (hotel rooms are forbidden), no one will knock the door and ask you to show any papers.

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What are the marriage laws in Egypt?

According to Egyptian law a Muslim man can marry a woman who is Muslim, Jewish or Christian. A Muslim woman on the other hand can only marry a man who is Muslim. At the marriage ceremony (and in the marriage contract) the sum of the financial gift by the husband to his wife in case of divorce or death is determined.

How do I get a marriage visa for Egypt?

To apply for a spousal visa Once you have a job in Egypt, you need to apply for a spousal visa. You will need to complete an online form that has two options: move abroad and obtain a job or get married in Egypt. ineligible for a spousal visa, you need to prove that your marriage is going to last at least two years.

Who pays for wedding in Egypt?

Who Pays for What. In an Egyptian wedding, families decide between them what should be paid by the bride and what should be paid by the groom. Mostly, the groom buys head-turning shabka, deluxe house, state-of-the-art electronics, kitchen and bathroom equipment among others.

How long does it take to get married in Egypt?

It will take at least ten business days for a marriage certificate to be issued by the Ministry of Justice. The marriage certificate must be picked up by one of the parties. You can get the document translated into English by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice Translation Office (the fee is 40.00LE).

Can you kiss in Egypt?

Egypt is conservative. Very conservative. You won’t find couples cuddling and kissing in public, as any type of public affection is a big no-no (even handholding isn’t really approved of).

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Can unmarried couples visit Egypt?

Like any people on Earth. But it has to be within an approved marriage, otherwise it’s considered illegal. If you’re Egyptian, hotels won’t give you a room for two(male-female) without a marriage certificate.

How do u say hello in Egypt?

Say “hello.” One way to say “hello” is “is salām ‘alaykum.” The appropriate response is “wa ‘alaykum is salām.” You can also say “welcome,” which is “ahlan wa sahlan.” The response is “ahlan beek.” An informal response is “ahlan.” For “goodbye,” you can say “ma’is salāma” or “bai.”

How many wives can a Egyptian man have?

Egyptian law, based on the Koran, allows a man to have four wives.

What are Egyptian weddings like?

The traditional Egyptian wedding ceremony will occur in a marriage hall, the local mosque, or the family home. … According to Egyptian wedding customs, the bride will typically wear a jewel-toned dress with a veil on the day of the wedding, while the groom will dress in a ceremonial tribal costume.

What age can you marry in Egypt?

» The legal age of marriage regis- tration in Egypt is set at 18 years. Yet, without criminalizing the perpetrators, girls are still get- ting married without registering or reporting their marriages, or registering their children born out of these marriages.

How much does it cost to get married in Egypt?

According to data, the average cost of getting married in Egypt for the bride is between 500,000 and 650,000 Egyptian pounds, with a house costing around 400,000. The bride’s gold gift averages between 20,000 to 100,000 Egyptian pounds depending on local and family traditions.

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What paperwork is needed to marry a foreigner?

To get married in the US, you simply need the proper identification to apply for a marriage license in the county in which you are to be married. In most cases, you’ll need to provide a valid passport. You may also need to prove that you are old enough to be legally married and that you are not already married.

What to know about dating an Egyptian?

19 Signs you are Dating an Egyptian

  • The bond with his car is stronger than your love.
  • You always start the relationship with “let’s go with the flow” and end it with “Ahly afsheen”
  • Your engagement date is directly proportional to his geesh date.
  • Sa7el season is nothing but stress over finding 2 different places to stay at.