Is Saudi driving license valid in Europe?

Saudi Arabia signed the Convention on Road Traffic of Vienna 1968, therefore Saudi citizens and residents holding an International Driving Permit, issued by SATA in Saudi Arabia, are allowed to drive cars in foreign countries (contracting party to the convention).

Which countries accept Saudi license?

The countries that accept Saudi driving licenses

  • Bahrain. Saudi Arabian driving licenses are valid in Bahrain. …
  • Kuwait. Kuwait is easily accessible from Saudi Arabia if you have a Saudi driving license. …
  • Oman. …
  • Qatar. …
  • United Arab Emirates. …
  • Austria. …
  • The United Kingdom. …
  • Jordan.

Is Saudi Arabia driving license valid in UK?

The United Kingdom

However, you can only drive for a period of 1 year on a Saudi driving license. After one year, you will have to get a UK driving license to drive in the UK. Note: This option is not available for expats with a Saudi driving license.

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Is Saudi Arabia license International?

If you want to drive outside Saudi Arabia, you need to get an international driving license on the basis of a Saudi driving license. It is recognized in more than 150 countries all around the world.

Is my driving licence valid in Europe?

Will my driving licence be valid? Yes, most UK drivers are still able to use their normal driving licence to drive in EU countries. There are some exceptions and what is called an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be needed.

Is Saudi driving license valid in Italy?

Any driving licence issued by an EU-State (+ Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) is valid in Italy.

Is Saudi driving license valid in Dubai?

Yes you can. In fact, a holder of Saudi driver license can get a UAE driver license without having to take the driver test if they live in the UAE.

Is Saudi licence valid in UAE?

thanks. Saudi driving license is accepted in all six GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE).

Can we convert Saudi driving license to UAE?

You cannot convert your Saudi driving license to UAE driving license. You will have to apply for a UAE driving license.

Is Saudi Arabia driving license valid in Pakistan?

You can drive in Pakistan with a foreign drivers licence for a period of time, however the traffic rules can differ and eventually you will need a conversant driver’s licence with the Pakistan traffic rules.

Can I drive in Saudi Arabia with international license?

You can drive in Saudi on an International Driving License and some national licenses for up to three months, after this you need a Saudi license. … International Driving Permit is required for vehicle rental. Insurance. Car insurance is compulsory.

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Can I use my Saudi driving license in USA?

The United States driving laws state that you’re required to have a valid driving license in possession to be able to drive in the US. This can be either issued by a US State or a foreign country. So, yes, you can drive with a foreign license in the US.

Is Saudi driving license valid in Australia?

Generally, you’re allowed to drive in Australia with an overseas drivers license if you’re a temporary visitor. If your license isn’t written in English, you’ll need to carry a formal English translation or an International Driving Permit.

What license do you need to drive in Europe?

You can drive in EU and EEA countries in Europe with a valid UK driving licence. To drive in countries outside the EU you may also need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Can I drive in Spain in 2021?

Most drivers will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in all EU countries such as France and Spain after 1 January 2021.

Do you need a international drivers license in Europe?

Whether you’re American or Canadian, your passport and driver’s license are all you need in most European countries. However, some countries also require an International Driving Permit (IDP). … If all goes well, you’ll likely never be asked to show it — but the permit is a must if you end up dealing with the police.