Question: Is healthcare in Egypt expensive?

In the last 20 years, Egypt’s population has become healthier, with an increase in overall life expectancy from 64.5 years to 70.5 years.

How much does healthcare cost in Egypt?

Egypt healthcare spending for 2018 was $126, a 10.15% increase from 2017. Egypt healthcare spending for 2017 was $114, a 25.74% decline from 2016. Egypt healthcare spending for 2016 was $153, a 16.33% decline from 2015. Egypt healthcare spending for 2015 was $183, a 9.68% increase from 2014.

Does Egypt have good healthcare?

Medical care offered by the public health insurance system is generally of poor quality. Although the system ensures basic universal coverage, it faces several shortcomings in terms of quality of service due to underfunding. Only 4.75% of the GDP in Egypt is dedicated to investments in healthcare services.

Is healthcare in Egypt free?

General. Healthcare in Egypt is not free and you or your insurance company will have to pay for any medical treatment you receive. … Standards of primary/emergency medical care are generally good; physicians are well trained but some hospital and nursing staff not all speak English.

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Does Egypt have good hospitals?

Some mosques in Egypt offer medical treatment. However, Egypt does have a number of quality hospitals located throughout the country, especially in the capital city of Cairo, where there also specialty hospitals. This is why many expats who need medical care choose to go to medical facilities in Cairo.

What is the best health insurance in Egypt?

Top 10 insurance companies in Egypt – Ranking 2019 per GWP

Rank Companies
2019 2018
1 1 Misr Insurance
2 2 Misr Life Insurance Company
3 4 Allianz Life Egypt

Does Egypt have medical insurance?

There is no government-offered Egypt public health insurance policy, as such. However, there are two main insurance providers that operate under government supervision. They have independent operations and funding. Health Insurance Organization (HIO): HIO covers students, employed persons, and widows.

How does healthcare work in Egypt?

Egyptian citizens are able to obtain insurance coverage through private insurers with government support. The CCO contracts with individuals and companies to provide private inpatient and outpatient care as well. Private healthcare facilities consist of nonprofit organizations and for-profit hospitals and clinics.

What is the leading cause of death in Egypt?

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases, are currently the leading national cause of death in Egypt. NCDs are estimated to account for 82% of all deaths in Egypt and 67% of premature deaths.

What is the most common disease in Egypt?

According to the CIA World Factbook, the four most common diseases in Egypt are bacterial diarrhea, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and schistosomiasis. People in the country are at intermediate risk for contracting these illnesses.

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What is the best hospital in Egypt?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1542 As Salam International Hospital
2 2244 Ganzouri Specialized Hospital
3 4057 Dar Al Fouad Hospital
4 4090 Arab Contractors Medical Centre

Is college free in Egypt?

There are both private and public institutions of higher education in Egypt. Public higher education is free in Egypt, and Egyptian students only pay registration fees. Private education is much more expensive.

Did ancient Egypt have free healthcare?

State-sponsored healthcare might seem like a relatively modern concept, but Egyptian papyri texts dating back 3,100 to 3,600 years tell a different story. And, as the texts reveal, the workers also received the benefits of paid sick days. …

What is the world’s best hospital?

World’s Best Hospitals of 2021 – Top 200 Global Ranking

Rank Hospital Country
Rank Hospital Country
1 Mayo Clinic – Rochester United States
2 Cleveland Clinic United States
3 Massachusetts General Hospital United States

Who is the best doctor in Egypt?

32 records found.

  • Dr. Mohamed A. badie. …
  • Dr. Ahmed Shams. Oncology, Giza, Egypt. …
  • Dr. Hesham Abbas. Radiation Oncologist, Giza, Egypt. …
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Amir. Oncology, Giza, Egypt. …
  • Dr. Abdallah Khalil. Oncology, Giza, Egypt. …
  • Dr. AbdelFattah Al-Masry. …
  • Dr Ashraf Shawky. Surgical Oncologist, Cairo, Egypt. …
  • Dr. Nagui Gamil Mikhael.

How many private hospitals are there in Egypt?

As of 2016, there were some 1,000 private hospitals and clinics in the country. Egypt’s health care system includes a mix of public, private, and non-profit health care providers.