Question: What is Morocco’s opinion about lead casket?

Morocco reviews the inscriptions again and rejects the lead casket as being not worth the high stakes for which he gambles. He ponders a long time over the silver casket. The words “get as much as he deserves” intrigue him.

What does Morocco say about lead casket?

He rejected the lead casket because it was threatening him instead of giving him hope. He said that a noble mind like him will not risk or sacrifice anything for lead casket.

Why did Morocco choose the lead casket?

Answer: Morocco wanted to led to the caskets to choose the correct caskets and marry Portia. He came to woo Portia . For marrying her , Morocco needed to choose the right casket as mentioned in the will of Portia’s dead father .

What is Morocco’s opinion about silver casket?

Answer: Prince of Morocco rejected the silver casket because he thinks that if he is judged by his own standards his merits ,his merits may be very high to win portia but yet to be ensured of what he deserves is a sign of weakness which will bring discredit on himself.

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Why does Morocco think that Portia as picture is not in the lead casket?

Why does Morocco think that Portia’s picture is not in the leaden casket? Answer: He believes that Portia’s picture is not in the leaden casket. He thinks that this casket is too coarse and unworthy even to enclose her shroud, let alone the idea being a cover for Portia precious portrait.

Why does Morocco not like lottery of casket?

He cannot tell anyone which casket he chose. Moreover, he would be bound by an oath not to ask any other woman’s hand in marriage. … Choosing the wrong casket will be disastrous and thus Morocco was reading the inscriptions on the casket to decipher their meaning and base his choice on it.

Which casket did Morocco choose and why?

The Prince of Morocco chooses the Gold casket with the message Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire’. He hopes that since Portia is a woman desirable to many men, it will lead him to win Portia’s hand.

What arguments does Morocco give when choosing the golden casket?

In The Merchant of Venice, the Prince of Morocco chooses the gold casket because gold is the most valuable of the three substances on offer, and he equates this with Portia’s value. He says that gold is the natural setting for a precious jewel.

What opinion do you form of Morocco after he chooses the golden casket?

Prince of Morocco’s choice is straightforward. He chose the gold casket because it seemed the most obvious, and most desirable choice. In contrast, Arragon’s choice is done with more prudence.

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How will Morocco know if he chooses the correct casket?

After reading the inscription on the three caskets, Morocco asks Portia how he will know if he chooses the right casket. Portia replies that her portrait will be in the right casket. If he selects that one, then she will be his wife.

What is inside the lead casket in Merchant of Venice?

Finally, the lead chest, which is made of a very humble metal, seems to symbolize inner beauty and modesty (the exact opposite of the shiny gold casket) and contains a picture of Portia. The inscription is also significant: “Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath” (2.7.

Why did Bassanio choose the lead casket?

Bassanio refuses gold because he knows that “all that glisters is not gold.” He also refuses silver, calling it “common drudge ‘tween man and man,” as coins are. He chooses lead because he knows that true worth lies inside, even if the outside doesn’t look like much. The lead is more like HIM than like Portia.

Why did Prince of Morocco did not choose the lead and silver casket?

He is quite sure that he deserves Portia; he deserves her “in birth,” “in fortune,” “in grace,” “in qualities of breeding,” and most of all, “in love.” Yet, ultimately, he rejects the silver casket because he refuses to believe that Portia’s father would “immure” a portrait of his treasured daughter in a metal “ten …

Why does Morocco Thank Portia?

Explanation: On hearing Portia’s speech ,the Prince of Morocco thanks her for her kindness and also requests her to lead him to the caskets to try his fortune.

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