Quick Answer: When did Libya become democratic?

The General National Congress (2014), a largely unrecognised rival parliament based in the de jure capital of Tripoli, claims to be a legal continuation of the GNC. On 7 July 2012, Libyans voted in parliamentary elections, the first free elections in almost 40 years.

How did Libya get democracy?

On 3 August 2011, the NTC issued a Constitutional Declaration which declared the statehood of Libya as a democracy with Islam as its state religion, in which the state guarantees the rule of law and an independent judiciary as well as civic and human basic rights (including freedom of religion and women’s rights), and …

Was Libya a democracy?

The government of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya declared Libya a direct democracy without political parties, governed by its populace through local popular councils and communes (named Basic People’s Congresses).

What type of government did Libya have?


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