Review: Breakfast At 18 Degrees, Hyatt Capital Gate

So why were we at the Hyatt Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi’s business district at 10am on a Tuesday morning, when quite frankly we should’ve been at work!  Well the reason for the breakfast was actually a professional one. The kind folks at Zomato had invited along a bunch of editors (yes we also write for professionally) for their first ever ‘editors breakfast.’

In June 2010, Guinness World Records certified the Hyatt Capital Gate as the “World’s furthest leaning man-made tower.” The structure of the hotel has been purposely built to lean 18° westwards (using the gravitational pressure of the incline, countered by a pre-cambered core of concrete reinforced with steel). It is the angle of the lean, from which the restaurant gets its name.

18 degrees is an ultra-modern venue and due to its all-encompassing windows, it is a light and airy space. The  siege upholstery is certainly made for comfort and the whole space has an eyre of classiness. It is not the standard one-tone mediocrity of your standard business hotel, where guests check in and out with such frequency that there is little need to impress. With geometric patterns to the windows replicated in the beams on the ceiling, a unique ‘leaning’ vantage point, 18 Degrees certainly has that ‘wow factor’ and this is as much to do with the venue, service and food as it is the truly spectacular views.


The staff led us to the pre-set table and we really couldn’t fault the service that we received during the course of our THREE HOUR breakfast! The staff were courteous, friendly and really went out of the way to ensure that we had everything that we would require and more. We started with beverages and were were offered fresh juices, teas, coffees and even mimosas. Then the food started to arrive…

The concept behind the breakfast was for the editors of various publications (including Abu Dhabi Week, Abu Dhabi Confidential and more) to network with Zomato and see how we can benefit from a working relationship with out favourite foodie app. It was a great chance to get to know other like-minded individuals who work in the media industry and also to sample the culinary offerings from the team at 18 Degrees.


The restaurant  manager and Chef Michele were constantly in touch with our table to gage our experience and to get our critique of the dishes that we were being served.

This was no breakfast buffet, as the chef had curated a special breakfast tasting menu for us, comprising items that were not on the restaurants menu. To say that we felt privileged (with a full breakfast service going on around us for the others diners and hotel guests) is definitely an understatement.

The breakfast started with a deconstructed egg sandwich, served in a small jar with a tiny silver teaspoon. Never having been the biggest fan of egg sandwiches (the smell reminds us of school packed-lunches and not in a goof way!), we were slightly dubious, but actually found the dish to be pleasant. Egg mayonnaise filled the majority of the jar, but at the bottom was some lettuce and crushed rye bread that had become soft and infused with the flavours of the egg.


What followed was a traditional eggs Benedict presented exactly as you would expect. A nice yolky egg, with smoked salon on half an English muffin – simply delicious.


One of the most talked about items during the breakfast was the mushroom consomme, infused with truffle and served in a teacup. This was an unexpected treat and was very heavy in flavour, so that small sized portion was just right.


What followed next was a single plump scallop seared to perfection, with a crispy disc of Spanish chorizo on top and served with a sweet foam, We could have eaten many more of these, but before we knew it, we were onto the next course.


Our favourite items by far was the quinoa and venison. The small piece of rare venison looked like a mini work of art and we really didn’t want to consume it, but were certainly glad that we did.


Being pancake day we though that these sweet fried delights may be on offer, but instead chef ?? switched it up and provided us with a  slightly healthier option – wholewheat waffles with a berry compote, In our opinion, it isn’t breakfast without pancakes or waffles, so we were more than happy. The sweet treat was a nice edition to the savoury items we had tried thus far.


Just as we were starting to feel full and that the breakfast was winding down, we were treated to desserts and to be honest it was nearing midday by this point. We sampled deconstructed blueberry cheesecake, which was creamy and fruity without being too sweet and actually brought a nice hit of freshness to the palette. This was accompanied by a small dark chocolate torte, which was just the right size without being too rich.


The best was most definitely saved until last. What we presumed to be small artisan chocolates on sticks (think cake-pop), actually transpired to be a tarte passion fruit sorbet engulfed in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The cold hit certainly came as a surprise, but it served as a great reminder of the breakfast we had just devoured and a dish that we won’t forget anytime soon.


18 degrees at the Hyatt Capital Gate is a fantastic venue to dine and the new chef really seems to be trying to bring something new to the well-established menu there. It’s worth a trip for the views alone and we can thoroughly recommned either breakfast or dinner – we don’t think you will be disappointed.

As it was time to leave, we couldn’t help but appreciate the view one last time, the high vantage point really allowed us to appreciate the city and see how lucky we are to be surrounded by serene turquoise waters and glittering skyscrapers far away on the horizon.



Location: 18 Degrees, Hyatt Capital Gate, Embassies District, Abu Dhabi

Phone: 02 418 2583

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