Review: Ice Cream Out Of Thin Air At FrostBite, Mushrif Mall

The UAE (like the rest of the world) is addicted to the notion of the next best thing, or the new and unique experience. Over the past few years we have seen culinary food gimmicks evolve to unprecedented levels! What began with the combining of ingredients, giving us the must have foodie item of 2013 ‘the cronut’ (half donut half croissant), has evolved into the downright bizarre – have you seen the chocolate sharwarma found in Dalma Mall?

Nowadays even the way in which our food is presented to us has to be innovative – yes we are looking at you Rogo’s, with your astounding rollercoaster delivery system. The novelty of these ideas shows no sign of letting up… So we here at Out & About UAE, were really intrigued with the concept of FrostBite – the creation of ice cream out of thin air!

FrostBite first came to our attention via some appealing photos and positive reviews on Instagram. Then over the course of a few days the word of mouth snowballed and people started really promoting the product for its quality on online food resources such as Best Bites Abu Dhabi. Last week the frenzy for this new concept reached breaking point, so we decided to give it a try and determine if it is just another case of style over substance, or wether the ice cream was actually as good as people were indicating.

Currently there is only once branch of FrostBite in the UAE and it is located in Mushrif Mall (Abu Dhabi), on the third floor, at the top of the escalators leading to the food court. It is not a restaurant or cafe in the standard sense, but more of a large kiosk with a couple of small tables outside. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and were surprised to see that despite the hype, we were the only customers. The kiosk looked particularly appealing decorated in its cool blue and white colour scheme, reminiscent of an icy grotto. Not to mention the proud window display of the largest jars of Nutella & Lotus Biscoff that we have ever seen in our lives! The staff were warm and welcoming and let us sample some of the flavours on offer, explaining to us the ingredients and the concept of how the ice cream is created. We were hooked…

Frostbite 01The menu contains ice cream, gelato, smoothies and milkshakes and the flavours on offer are very appealing. Take for example the ‘Cookie Monstaa’ which includes crushed cookies, nutella and extra oreo’s for good measure! After much deliberation we selected two flavours to try, ‘It’s Going Downie Brownie’ (which features chunks of chocolate brownie and salted caramel) and the ‘Laid Back Lotus’ (featuring lotus butter, caramel, and crushed lotus biscuits). If you haven’t tried the lotus biscoff yet, then you really must, as it is a nationwide obsession, currently taking the UAE by storm.

After you have selected your flavour combinations the fun really starts…

Frostbite 04

All of the raw ingredients are measured out in front of you and placed into large mixing machines on the countertop. Liquid ice cream is connected via a small pipe in the side of the mixer and liquid nitrogen is added to the mixture whilst it is being whisked. The experience is a unique one and despite feeling like you are in a mad scientists laboratory with liquid nitrogen smoke engulfing the area, it is actually more like a science lesson. Our children were intrigued by the process and were amazed at how it works, and they loved playing in the cool vapour given off by the machines – never before has food been so much fun!

After a couple of minutes the mixing is complete and the ice cream is served to you in a presentation box.                              Frostbite 02

As soon as you try the ice cream any doubts you may have had about wether or not the whole concept is nothing but a fad, instantly melt away (pun intended). The ice cream is super smooth and really flavoursome, whilst not being overly sickly. The texture of the added ingredients such as the crushed biscuit really add to the overall eating experience and the portions are the perfect size.

The only issue you may have with FrostBite is the price, at 30 AED for a medium cup, you may feel like you are better off getting your ice cream elsewhere – but we definitely suggest that you give this place a try, not only for the novelty of the concept, but also for the quality of the overall product.

We are predicting big things for FrostBite, so expect to see their kiosks popping up all over the Emirates in the future.

Location: Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi

Phone: 026501236

FrostBite 05

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