Review: Milkcow: Jumeirah Beach Residence

Milkcow is the latest craze to take over Dubai. Having opened at the end of last month (January 28th to be exact), it has already become a foodie institution during its short lifespan.

So what encouraged us to take a trip here during a busy workday? Instagram of course. The power of social media strikes again, as our feed has been inundated with images of ice cream stuffed with macarons, cookies and many more delectable sweet treats.


Located in the Trident Grand Residences in JBR, the establishment is not the simplest place to find. The easiest access is from Al Mamsha Street (close to The Ritz Carlton), where there is little more than a signboard to let you know of Milkcow’s existence. Without this handy pointer, you wouldn’t even know the place existed! Entering the residences through the huge glass doors, Milkcow appears in all its neutral glory.

Resembling little more than a kiosk with seating for less than twenty people, it is a quiet place with a modern vibe and a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of The Walk. Upon arrival our eyes were immediately drawn upwards to the huge chalk board filled with all of the information that you could need about Milkcow, combined with some fun characetures (depicting cows of course). This is the establishments one defining feature and really does look superb.


The staff were extremely helpful and really went out of the way in explaining to us the concept and history of the brand. Milkcow is a South Korean import, and despite there being over fifty international stores, the Dubai opening is the first one in the Gulf region.

“After much deliberation and time spent in Asia comparing various ice cream brands, I knew Milkcow was the one that would cater perfectly to the UAE and Middle East market. The quality of the ice cream is second to none, and the fun and flexible nature of the product will resonate with the lively and dynamic community in the area,” said Siyuan Zhang, managing director of the UAE Milkcow franchise.


Described as ‘Asia’s favourite milky soft serve ice cream’, what diferentiates Milkcow from the abundance of ice cream parlours in Dubai, is the fact that the offerings here are all organic. Plus they come with a variety of quirky toppings and embellishments. For a company that opened its first store in Seoul (South Korea) in the latter half of 2013, the brand has quickly exploded into a worldwide phenomenon,

The reason for this? The milky ice cream is made from  organic, preservative-free milk that is produced fresh on a daily basis. Therefore, the ice cream has a very short shelf life and must be continually made fresh, whereas other soft serves last for a month (or more) because they are made from powdered milk.

Perusing the menu we were really spoilt for choice and the staff were really accommodating in helping us to make a decision. Milkcow offers fourteen combinations, all using the same soft serve ice cream as a base, but adding a variety of enticing toppings.

With each worldwide store having the same thirteen combinations, each individual store has its own unique signature. In the case of Dubai it is the ‘Arbain Date’ (M14) which adds chopped dates and date syrup to the mix. Milkcow Dubai is the only place that you can purchase this… in the world!

Menu 01

Menu 02

Admittedly it did take us a while to select our flavour, being torn between the ‘Pop Star’ (which features caramel popcorn) and the ‘Macao Dream’ (the infamous macaroon adorned sundae) we eventually settled on the ‘Milky Cube’ (M3) – which is the bestseller. It is a simple combination of the signature soft serve ice cream, embellished with one simple addition, a chunk of gooey natural honeycomb that has been imported all the way from South Korea.

Not to be outdone we also ordered the ‘Mont Blanc’ (M11), an ostentatious amalgamation of chocolate rocks, apple sauce, crumbled oreos and candy floss.


Whilst we waited in anticipation of our frozen delights, it was great to actually see the desserts being made before our very eyes. Like a mad scientists lab there was candy floss being spun amongst a variety of other intricacies.

With the arrival of the frosted treat we were actually surprised by how small it was – but fear not, as the richness of the ice cream really does not call for anything bigger, as it would be unmanageable. With the first bite of the soft serve we were converted, Milkcow does not taste like any other ice cream you have ever had! It has a flavour that is not overly sweet or artificial like many other brands. This luscious organic product speaks for itself and there is actually a taste, akin to frozen double cream – and my word does it taste good.


In all honesty the base product is really good and doesn’t even need all the embellishments that Milkcow offers. What is on offer is excellently hand-crafted ice cream, though the addition of things like the candy floss has certainly attracted a buzz and something for foodies to Instagram (ourselves included).

Before departing we were asked to fill out some cards asking us to define our experience in one word, or asking us what we would like to add to Milkcow. The customer completed cards are then stuck to the wall for other visitors to see. We thought this was a nifty idea that really gets consumers involved with the brand – plus it makes for a strong decorative feature.

Milkcow have also announced a new competition, where you can design your own ice cream. If you win, it will be part of their limited edition flavours and the winner will get free ice cream for a month!

Just remember one thing, a McFlurry this is not – and that is the reason we adored Milkcow. We can certainly see ourselves returning again soon, as all we can think about now are the dates or macaroons that we are certain to have during our next visit.

Location: Trident Grand Residences, JBR, Dubai
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11:30pm daily.
Phone: 04 456 9988


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