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Living life in the UAE can be difficult at times, as the cost of living increases & tourism drives up prices! Every time you check your social media you will see friends undertaking weekend getaways to luxury resorts, spa packages, dining out and a whole host of activities. There is no need to panic… As this can now be you! Here is our handy guide to money saving and bagging a bargain here in the UAE.

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The Entertainer: is a must purchase for anyone living within the United Arab Emirates and is an ever expanding product. It is essentially a book (or app) which contains thousands of buy one get one free vouchers. These include tourist attractions, hotel stays, meals out, activities and lots more. For the UAE the Entertainer comes in number of books including: Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, Dubai & Northern Emirates, Dubai Fine Dining, Dubai Kids, Dubai Body, and Abu Dhabi Body. If you purchase the book and use only a few of the vouchers you are guaranteed to make your money back – it is definitely worth purchasing just for the big attractions such as Ferrari World or Ski Dubai, as you make you money back instantly. What’s more, once you buy one of these products you also gain access to additional monthly membership offers which generally include Friday Brunches.

Task Spotting: is an exciting new way to earn money using your phone by completing simple tasks around your city. The concept is a first for the UAE and pays you to collect information from places like malls, retailers & restaurants – it is basically mystery shopping. Just download the app to your phone and explore the available missions based on their proximity to your location. Then accept the mission and complete the activities on site (this may include asking questions or taking photos). Next you submit your mission for verification and approval, before receiving your payment via PayPal or cash. The missions usually take just a few minutes to complete and typically pay between AED 10 and AED 75 each. Just remember that all missions must be completed on site, so you will need access to either Wifi or data usage to participate. This is an excellent way to make a little bit of extra spending money, for doing next to nothing.

Cobone: This is by far our favourite ‘bargain site’ in the UAE. Cobone features a daily market-focused deal on the best things to do, see, eat & buy in cities across the Middle East. It is an easy and fun way to get fantastic deals on great experiences in your city. Shopping is easy –  when you see an unbeatable offer you buy it, this can be done via credit card, PayPal or cash. You gotta be quick though as most offers only last a few days, and the best ones are gone within 24 hours. The reason that we are such big fans of Cobone if for their excellent hotel promotions at some of the best resorts that the UAE has to offer, so get browsing, and get buying.

Groupon: Probably the most famous of the daily offer sites. Groupon really has made a huge impact worldwide and it is a trusted brand that offers an abundance of deals. The sites probably boats the most offers in the market and they pride themselves on only offering quality products in all areas from getaways, dining, automotive, home ware and shopping. Browse the extensive daily deals and we are certain you will find something you want to purchase – from a new watch or handbag to a teeth whitening treatment.

Styck: This app is a brand new concept for the UAE market & it is incredible. Just download the app to your phone (currently only available on iOS) and the app records your steps and tracks your activities. These steps are then transferred into free rewards, from a cup of coffee, to a nights stay in a hotel – so the more you move, the better the rewards. This is a great opportunity for you to develop a healthier more active lifestyle with an incentive for doing so. The app is very new to the market, but we can see it making a great impression over the coming months. So download and make sure you keep your phone on you at all times.

Kobanaty: The UAE has a number of daily deal sites, but we advise that you take a bit of time to browse them all, as each has something unique to offer. Kobonaty specializes in more local deals at bargain rates, the majority of deals seem to be for desert safaris, dhow cruises and Ras Al Khaimah water park tickets. So get involved in some UAE based activities at a bargain rate.

YallaBannana: Much like Kobonaty this site specializes in local activities and excursions at rock bottom prices, so although you may not find some of the luxury resorts advertised on Groupon, you will find some great deals to Ajman, Fujairah or Sharjah for next to nothing – so why not escape the city for the weekend and participate in one of these great offers.

DealGobbler; This is the final of the daily deal sites that we recommend. Like the others is contains discounted packages for hotel stays, attractions (such as Ferrari World or Yas Waterworld), spa packages, dhow cruises and brunches – the list goes on and on! So please feel free to browse at your leisure:

Please let we know if there is another site or resource that we have missed & until then… happy bargain hunting!

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