Last Exit: A Gourmet Truck Stop

Driving on the E11 between Abu Dhabi and Dubai has never been a fun experience. Aside from the monotony of the journey, generally poor driving conditions and a severe lack of places to eat. The thought of travelling between the UAE’s two largest cities is enough to strike fear into even the most seasoned of drivers.

To make the journey that little bit easier, Meraas Holdings have recently launched ‘Last Exit.’ A unique 1950s inspired food truck concept that resembles an American rest stop, similar to something you would expect to find alongside Route 66.

Situated after interchange 11 (heading Dubai bound), just after the border line of two Emirates and very close to the soon-to-open Dubai Parks and Resorts. This truck stop is easy to locate thanks to a collection of coloured flags that clearly mark the entrance. Pulling off the busy highway, the desert scenery is brought to life with colourful road signs and a collection of Volkswagen vans and Beetle’s. Stacked on top of one another in an instantly Instagrammable image.


Providing a slice of Americana to residents and tourists alike, Last Exit is home to a number of gourmet food trucks which can be accessed via drive-through or on foot. Each truck is marked by a coloured lane, just pick your cuisine and follow the colour until you arrive at the drive-through window – it’s as simple as that. For those looking to peruse the options first, it’s much better to park up and explore on foot. Due to the frustrating one way system that has been implemented within the park.

Last Exit is a kitsch and fun environment that feels part theme park and part food festival in it’s presentation. The trailer park is decked out with imitation gas stations, traffic lights and all manner of road signs in an area spanning 1,500 square metres.