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It’s very unusual for us to feature fast food or takeaways on Out & About UAE but a brand has launched itself in Abu Dhabi that we’re just so excited about, that we had to cover it.

A Dubai institution, Freedom Pizza quietly opened it’s doors in Al Khalidiya over the summer and with a future store to come in Al Raha and a long list of health benefits. We’re confident to say that this ‘healthy pizza’ brand is set to take the capital by storm.

What Makes Freedom Different?

Fast food and takeout is often associated with low quality products and extreme value for money (read cheap). Freedom Pizza bucks this trend by offering the healthiest pizzas in the UAE, created from locally sourced ingredients with health benefits firmly in mind.

“Established in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Ian Ohan, Freedom Pizza is a locally owned “made in the UAE” business making delicious, honest pizzas we can all feel good about. Using wholesome grains, the freshest local ingredients and free of preservatives and additives, the delicious taste of Freedom is delivered (right and fast) by its experienced and professional delivery team. Freedom Pizza is about keeping its customers, its company and its community free – to share new ideas, care and create great pizza.”

Freedom Pizza on average contains half the fat of its competitors, due to a mix of quality cheese and a unique base that combines twelve grains including oats and quinoa. Freedom has also cleverly targeted the health food market by offering a range of gluten free, raw and vegan products.



The ethos behind Freedom Pizza is a simple one “Community Matters.” Freedom Pizza began as an experiment to see if a fast food joint could source it’s produce from an organic farm in the desert and guess what? It worked!  Using organic farmers, gluten-free bakers, artists and innovators, the majority of ingredients are produced in the UAE with a great ‘pay it forward attitude.’ So who have Freedom partnered with?

Greenheart Gardens: Freedom sources almost all of their vegetables from the UAE. Picked daily (at the height of flavour and nutrition) the ingredients are delivered daily and are GMO-free.

Skinny Genie: Freedom is gluten-free and healthy. Their handmade brownie bites come from Skinny Genie who bake them fresh everyday. Fat is replaced with homemade fruit compote, lowering sodium and eliminating preservatives, with no white sugar or chemical sweeteners.

Italian Dairy Products: Freedom use authentic artisan mozzarella handcrafted right here in the UAE from traditional Italian recipes and locally sourced milk.

Moti Roti: Freedom have teamed up with Dubai’s own Pakistani Soul Kitchen. Using a fresh take on Keema with a finely spiced, halal, minced beef. It forms the star of Freedom’s signature  Karachi Kid pizza.

Coco Yogo: Created by Turner Francis a lady who knows first hand what it’s like to live with food intolerances. Coco Yogo is the totally natural way to get your plant-based sweet fix in Freedom’s desserts. Little pots of raw, vegan yumminess – suitable for celiac’s or lactose intolerants.


The Pizzas:

Freedom offer thirteen different pizzas (or you can create your own) on an original or skinny crust. The flavours combinations are unlike anything else you will find elsewhere in the UAE, providing a suitable mix for both the carnivores and vegetarians, from the Beetnik (organic beetroot, spring onions, fennel, parsley, thyme, goats cheese and caramelised onion) to the Mother Earth (artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom. garlic, onion and cilantro).

Our favorites keep on changing and it’s partly due to the memorable names that we keep coming back for more. The Smokey Joe is Freedom’s most popular pizza and a take on the signature barbecue chicken. Using a simple mix of quality ingredients and tantalising bbq sauce, this one is definitely a winner. We’re also huge fans of the Karachi Kid which utilises spiced keema, onion, grisu chilli, cilantro, parsley and feta cheese into a flavour party for the mouth. We especially appreciate the fact that you can taste each individual element of the pizza, with each ingredient being allowed to shine with little grease from the cheese.

For October 2016, Freedom have recently launched a new pizza. The comically titled Tuscan Sausage Party combines a traditional blend of herbed beef sausage, fennel, sage and sun-dried tomato, that we’ve previewed and believe to be another sure fire winner.

Not A Fan Of Pizza?

It’s not just about pizza at Freedom. With a range of organic salads also on offer, we love the Superfood Salad (kale, basil, rocket, spinach, purple cabbage, bell pepper, cherry tomato, dried cranberries, toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds) which as the name suggests, combines the most popular superfoods into one bowl of summer goodness – just make sure you don’t miss the raspberry and black pepper vinaigrette (yum).

With sweet potato fries, wedges, cheesey breadsticks, chicken wings and tenders on the menu, there is certainly something for the entire family.



The idea of healthy desserts sounds like an oxymoron right? Not so at Freedom, as there small dessert selection comes from Coco Yogo and is suitable for all sorts of dietary requirements. The desserts feature Strawberry and Mango Cheesecakes alongside Vegan Rawsome Banoffee and Carrilicious Carrot Cake and are raw, vegan and contain absolutely no dairy. The ‘cream’ on these desserts actually comes from crushed cashew nuts and allows for consumers to be health conscious while still indulging in a sweet treat (or two).


The Staff:

Staff are a real part of the Freedom family and really seem to enjoy their jobs. No matter who you’re dealing with, the service always comes with a friendly smile. Staff retention and job satisfaction seem to be high on the agenda at Freedom. Employees are given the opportunity to rise through the company and are pushed front and centre in the companies branding to show their value. Check out this viral video campaign for road safety that Freedom launched earlier in the year – powerful stuff:


We are totally enamoured with the Freedom Pizza brand and it’s fast becoming our go-to for a quick dinner at home.

With a  simple online ordering system that lists the nutritional information for each pizza, the system is quick to set-up and simple to use. Even better, if you enter food allergies into your account, then the system will only show you the dishes suitable for your requirements (leaving other dishes greyed out). It’s an innovative system that takes the hassle out of the endless back and forth over the telephone.

Freedom is competitively priced and there is no truer example of the old saying “You get what you pay for.” At Freedom you’re paying marginally more for exceptional quality and the confidence of a healthier brand. With Freedom, you can forget the negative connotations associated with fast food and takeout – knowing exactly what goes into these pizzas really helps to give confidence to the brand and ensure that you’re feeding you family good quality produce.

We only wish that Freedom wasn’t just for takeout, as a sit down restaurant would be awesome. Perhaps one day?

Location: Behind ADIB (Near Shining Tower), Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
Social: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Hours:  11am – midnight
Phone: 02 641 0029

We were invited to dine at Freedom Pizza.  All views are our own and all photographs are © Out & About UAE, unless otherwise stated.

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